Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Peccavimus enim et genus sumus (Latin)  meaning,We are all guilty of this...

 We are afraid of uncertainty.
 We worry too much. We blame others.
 We only think of our families, what about the other poor family ?
 We often see our perspectives, views, and opinions, better and superior compared to poor nations. We tend to know it all.
 We trust too much on formal knowledge.
 We missed the point of life. We are angry without knowing why ? We react, instead of being proactive. We focused on the cure not prevention. We limit ourselves. We think money is essential to help. We put a price on people. We depend on people's approval, and opinons of ourselves. We will deny this...
How can we sell ourselves to money, fame, status, false ideologies,materialism, pleasure, big homes, fat bank accounts, false sense of security for the future like building our "next (nest) eggs" for retirement ? Do you know the day that you will retire from life ? Do you know as long as you live you will labor ? Do you know the only rest you get in life is sleep ? How many hours do you sleep ? Do you sleep ? You compensate sleep with food, drinks, exercise, fun adventure, excitement, flesh seeking pleasure, nice houses, fat bank accounts...can you really buy your happiness, and your life ? What kind of life do you have ? You worry too much about the future, or you do not care about the plight of others, more people are dirt poor than rich. Do you have that illusion of material security on earth ?
What is the difference between you and the wicked and evil ? The wicked worry about their power, wealth and fame (reputation). The evil work hard to have big houses, fat bank account, and power. The evil and wicked work, to satisfy their materialism.
Isn't it life, more than food, fame, money, glory, status, PhD, titles, social status, nice and big kitchens, nice and comfortable bathrooms, big comfortable beds, an elaborate bedroom with bed closets, and other materialism ? Life is vanities, nothing but vanities. Chasing after the wind.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Maybe some of you, have read the book "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" a nice, "well written" economically motivated story, a comparison between two people, one an accomplished and rich businessperson with less formal education, and the other, a very educated, and academically accomplished person, but poor. Which one would you choose ? 

I did not choose any. Material wealth and its pursuit, is chasing after the wind. Seeking worldly knowledge, is another folly...chasing after the wind. Life as it should be, that is my choice. I know so many rich people, and yet they are not happy, and contented; I met so many accomplished academics and many are "confused". It reminds me of what Socrates said, " More knowledge, more confusion." (paraphrased)

Yes, we mortals have so much blunders. We have the same problems, and challenges with our daily lives, history have demonstrated, only the characters and personalities changed. The same follies. For example, the economic challenges of the ancients, are similar to our economic challenges today, except we are talking in trillions, if not zillions. The poverty issues are the same to some varying degrees and extent. The social and political issues are similar likewise. Corrupt politicians, greedy landlords, and dishonest business practices. 

Now, you are wondering, how can we change this ? No, we cannot change anything or anyone. As the wise king said, " Life is all vanities, chasing after the wind." Except_________________.  
You have to fill in the blank. Search your lives. Check your happiness. Where does your heart resides ? Where are you going today ? What are you doing tonight. Are you ready, when the time you have on earth is ending ? 
Do you know when ? Of course, nobody knows. Preparation is of essence. Are you prepared ?
What is life after all ? 

            Thoughts for August 11, 2014
Have you noticed and felt the love of a little child ? Unconditional. Have you felt the hug of someone that really cares for you ? Extraordinarily warm. Have you felt loved ? I did. Once. Have you asked why many people are selfish ? I did. Do you wonder why many people are selfish ? Many did not feel loved, unconditionally. Many were not hug with extraordinary "warmness". Many missed someone really caring for them. Many never felt loved at all. Have you loved someone unconditionally ? 

Saturday, August 9, 2014


                Thoughts for August 9, 2014

I am not a prolific writer, but I write from my heart. Many years ago, I learned from a great mentor words of wisdom, he told me to speak and write, in order to convey my message to people, and not to impress people. I was pedantic during those years, I changed, and became a better person, (Not a polyglot, polemic, or jack of all trades, not a know it all type.)  I became a person filled with wisdom and experiences. 

I am not better compared to you, or any other people, or race because I have reasons to believe, you have to discover yourself, and your talents, strengths, and weakness, in order to reach or maximize your potentials. It is not an easy task, arduous, painful, embarrassing, and at times dangerous. You have to take the risk(s). I prefer the word, "calculated risk". You spend time thinking, reflecting and evaluating your actions. You have to check yourself, each morning you wake up you ask...What did I do right ? What did I do wrong ? 

I shared with you faithful readers, I achieved my "ivory tower" while young (25-26 years old), and reached my actualization (Maslow Hierarchy of Needs) stage after college. 

(I thought about this during a training, where one of our invited speakers, was one of my former law professors, and a retired judge. I did not have an opportunity to thank him for all his mentoring, before I moved to another place. I lived in many places in the world. Work and family reasons.)

I am contented with my life. Simple, and unassuming. I am happy with my vocation, helping those in need. One of my guiding wisdom came from Dale Carnegie, an inspirational speaker, and author of a book (Positive Thinking). Mr. Carnegie said, " Empty pockets never held back anyone, only an empty heart, and an empty mind can do that." and quote. This words has a profound impact in my life.

Another person I admired, was the late President Harry Truman. Not many people liked him. His decision to bomb Nagasaki and Hiroshima, is an unprecedented courage and decisive thinking among the many great people in the U.S.A . Humility is one of Harry's trademark. President Harry Truman was not a perfect person, but a good man who became better, and wisdom filled. President Truman died at 88. One of President Truman's traits (besides humility), was his honesty and simplicity.  He was an honest and unassuming man.


Tuesday, August 5, 2014


Most of us are familiar with the name 
Vincent Van Gogh, whose paintings' are not only worth so much money, but full of meanings, and infinity. Vincent Van Gogh was an obscure figure, unpopular, and labeled as insane. That's our world today, we label people, and call hopeless romantics and idealists, "not normal", radicals, subversives, and many other name calling. Many great thinkers and doers were advanced, not only in their thinking, but in their visions.
 Good and evil. Good is infinite, and evil is finite. All ends except GOOD is FOREVER.

 Tribulations, challenges and success.
Many failed because they did not try, or made an effort to be different. 
We measure success by material standards. Material is finite. If your success is measured by your money, wealth,  popularity, knowledge and titles...they end forever. You will be forgotten.

 On life. Material life is finite. So, what is the rush ?

 On forgiveness. It is hard. It takes time. 

 On Love. Perennial as the grass, and infinite.
God is LOVE. Why are we arguing, and fighting about faith, and God ? If God is LOVE, therefore religion is LOVE not hate. 

 On people. None pass the test except, those who discover themselves in time. 
People are finite, and flesh (material). They end. Though, it is worth trying to help people. Do not seek thank you, or pay back, you will be frustrated. People can be ungrateful. Help them because your heart tells you to help. People changes. People can be hot and cold. People can be confusing. People can be kind, and ruthless.
People are people. Why depend on people ?

On TRUST. Trust not yourself or others. Change is, your nemesis. Love people but do not trust them to love you back. Care for people but do not expect care from them. Be just and fair to people, so others  will be just and fair to you.
If they are not just and fair to you, you just achieved your hero status, and martyrdom.

On race. Racism is every race under the sun.

On death. It is the beginning of life.

On birth. Your preparation for life.

On heaven. No one seen heaven.  Accept yourself, I think it is heaven. Embrace your imperfections, I think it is eternity. Believe in a LOVING GOD, not necessarily a form of religion.

On hell. When you hate others. When you hate yourself. When you hate the day you were born. When you are jealous of others. When you are greedy. When you are idle. When you are adulterous. When you dishonor your parents. When you love money. When you seek titles and comfort. When you indulged in pleasure and gluttony. When you fear death. When you do not believe in God. 

On health. Ask God for health, God will grant your wish from your heart.

On marriage. Marriage is good, but LOVE is better.

On children. They have your last name, but, they are not yours to keep.

On happiness. When you stop complaining for being bored and lonely.

On pleasure. We are flesh, but we can overcome hedonism.      

Monday, August 4, 2014

All of us makes mistakes. Some learn and change, some continue their mistakes, and learning how to get away with consequences. Bad habits have a nasty way of ending. Making the same mistakes over and over again, is deadly. The wages of sins, is death. Biblical and Proverbial. Regardless of your faith, and religion this applies to everyone. 

You and I are not perfect, but we can be better than good. From our careers to selflessness.
When you do something good for others, it comes back better. Whether the person is paying it forward, or the person remembers you, and grateful for your Samaritan deeds, and decides to honor you. Either way, "all good ends well", most often.

Peace to you and keep doing good for others.