Saturday, August 9, 2014


                Thoughts for August 9, 2014

I am not a prolific writer, but I write from my heart. Many years ago, I learned from a great mentor words of wisdom, he told me to speak and write, in order to convey my message to people, and not to impress people. I was pedantic during those years, I changed, and became a better person, (Not a polyglot, polemic, or jack of all trades, not a know it all type.)  I became a person filled with wisdom and experiences. 

I am not better compared to you, or any other people, or race because I have reasons to believe, you have to discover yourself, and your talents, strengths, and weakness, in order to reach or maximize your potentials. It is not an easy task, arduous, painful, embarrassing, and at times dangerous. You have to take the risk(s). I prefer the word, "calculated risk". You spend time thinking, reflecting and evaluating your actions. You have to check yourself, each morning you wake up you ask...What did I do right ? What did I do wrong ? 

I shared with you faithful readers, I achieved my "ivory tower" while young (25-26 years old), and reached my actualization (Maslow Hierarchy of Needs) stage after college. 

(I thought about this during a training, where one of our invited speakers, was one of my former law professors, and a retired judge. I did not have an opportunity to thank him for all his mentoring, before I moved to another place. I lived in many places in the world. Work and family reasons.)

I am contented with my life. Simple, and unassuming. I am happy with my vocation, helping those in need. One of my guiding wisdom came from Dale Carnegie, an inspirational speaker, and author of a book (Positive Thinking). Mr. Carnegie said, " Empty pockets never held back anyone, only an empty heart, and an empty mind can do that." and quote. This words has a profound impact in my life.

Another person I admired, was the late President Harry Truman. Not many people liked him. His decision to bomb Nagasaki and Hiroshima, is an unprecedented courage and decisive thinking among the many great people in the U.S.A . Humility is one of Harry's trademark. President Harry Truman was not a perfect person, but a good man who became better, and wisdom filled. President Truman died at 88. One of President Truman's traits (besides humility), was his honesty and simplicity.  He was an honest and unassuming man.


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