Thursday, January 30, 2014


During my recent travels in the USA, I met two wonderful people, instantly we "clicked" like a snap shot from a kodak camera...both were accomplished writers, the first one was an economist and former politician, and another a columnist for NY Times, PBS and a graduate of Oxford University. I asked both what is the secret of their feat and accomplishments in writing. Both answered practice, practice, practice...and your heart put into your writings.

I am not like them...I am not an accomplished writer. I am writing things based on my experiences in my chosen profession and field, dealing with the stark realities of life on planet earth (having traveled in many parts of the world). I write from my heart. No rhetorics, no semantics, just plain and simple words (learned from a mentor in Asia) "simplicity is the key), he reminded me before we parted ways, and quote.


From my SIMPLICITY, I am able to PRACTICE what I preached. From my HEART I write, and touched the multitudes of deprived soul, because others did not practiced SIMPLICITY.
I write to touch your heart not your brilliant minds, but the simplicity of your heart.
If we practice together, the simplicity from our hearts, many will simply live.


Thursday, January 16, 2014

Challenges disguised as problems...solution wise, it is there. :)

I learned from my entrepreneur father who built his small business, and enabled him to give each one of us the education, and the economic security he planned for each one of us...the rest was up to us, to maintain it and expand his greatest gift to us, the "knowledge and experiences" that made him successful. He is an obscure figure in Iloilo City, but during his days, he was one the richest people in the city of my birth. Rogelio Florete Sr. was his contemporary, the father of the billionaire owner of Bombo Radio- Philippines. The trainings and knowledge my father gave me is priceless. My late father and I differed in our vision. I dreamed of equality among the poor and my father dreamed of building his Mansion (which he did not), instead I convinced him to focus on helping others instead. He inspired me, and in his honor I will continue his dream, and my dream combined, will be our legacy for the next generation of my family.

Friday, January 3, 2014

Dreaming in many forms.

Dreamers are for romantics ? Imagine living without a dream ?

Have you wonder how to live without a dream ?

Dreaming is like ideals, it encourages.

Dreaming is the beginning.

Dreaming is fantastic, if you make it happen.

Have you really wonder life without dreaming ?


Do you dream at all ? 

Thursday, January 2, 2014

The Wisdom of Ages...

The life we live leaves an imprint. Whether good or bad, we affect others. We influence their thoughts and actions. 

The decision you make impacts not only yourself, but others too. Whether beneficial or not, you decide not only your fate, but others likewise.

You are part of the bigger scheme of things, the hierarchical set-up of your world is not a coincidence. It is important to make wise decisions, and positive influence on others. It will make or disrupts the flow. Does it mean you are traveling with the flow ? If the flow benefits most people, you have no choice but to go with that flow, or you drown. What about negativity and sufferings ? You have to make a stand, change it, the circumstances can change, the person you can influence, you cannot change the person but influence. To make it happen,do not lose the gentleness, and handle with care. Some circumstances can be daunting, the person can be fragile and weak, and always remember you and others, are part and parcel of our world.