Tuesday, August 12, 2014

How can we sell ourselves to money, fame, status, false ideologies,materialism, pleasure, big homes, fat bank accounts, false sense of security for the future like building our "next (nest) eggs" for retirement ? Do you know the day that you will retire from life ? Do you know as long as you live you will labor ? Do you know the only rest you get in life is sleep ? How many hours do you sleep ? Do you sleep ? You compensate sleep with food, drinks, exercise, fun adventure, excitement, flesh seeking pleasure, nice houses, fat bank accounts...can you really buy your happiness, and your life ? What kind of life do you have ? You worry too much about the future, or you do not care about the plight of others, more people are dirt poor than rich. Do you have that illusion of material security on earth ?
What is the difference between you and the wicked and evil ? The wicked worry about their power, wealth and fame (reputation). The evil work hard to have big houses, fat bank account, and power. The evil and wicked work, to satisfy their materialism.
Isn't it life, more than food, fame, money, glory, status, PhD, titles, social status, nice and big kitchens, nice and comfortable bathrooms, big comfortable beds, an elaborate bedroom with bed closets, and other materialism ? Life is vanities, nothing but vanities. Chasing after the wind.

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