Thursday, December 19, 2013

Wisdom, age and sage...Was. Poem ? Words.

Words of wisdom...

  In the world of service to others, you can count the stars, the saints and joy riders. - RP

  Trust is a foundation. Distrust is toxic. - RP

  Strength of character is rare,  show me one.
  Honest money is hardwork, and hard to lose,
  Ill-gotten money recklessly spent, easily lose.     
  Great men and women have one thing in common, greatness. 

You do not buy greatness, you earn it.

Show me a hero, I will show you a dead one.

Every beginning has an end, why are we chasing material fortune, instead of seeking the true wealth, and truth ? 

Nobody is original in thoughts, I just copied yours.

We are seeking acknowledgement, because it is scary to be alone.

Why are we wooing destruction instead of building ?

Courage is not the first kill, but first that sustains.

Justice without peace is oppression,
Peace without justice is suppression,

Many were not recognized for their heroism,
They choose not to because they know they will be immortalized in the heart of people they touched and served.

The greatest recognition dwells in the heart. 

In Love, we learn to forgive. In Love, we fulfill.
In Love, we influence. In Love, we achieve.
In Love, we give. In Love, we sustain.
In Love, we achieve. In Love, we rest. In Love, we have Peace. In Love, we find. 
In Love, we find Love. 

            Why You and I
The I and me, is weak. You and I, is strength.
The I and me, is temporal. You and I, is eternity.
The I and me, is reaction. You and I is action.
You and I, the true secret of success. :)


Life is a constant scrambling. You scramble with God, you become a dog. You started of being scared, you loss the sacred truth, scrambling for fear, you are afraid to pay the fare price of telling the truth.

God - Dog

Scared - Sacred

Fear - Fare

Why are you scrambling ?

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

and being Yourself...

Do not feign affection, be yourself, a wise adage.  It is a great struggle for many of us to reveal ourselves, and the inner recesses of our being. Not impossible, the universe itself continuously unfold. 

Hardship and feeling of helplessness. Be yourself, it is 'normal' to feel that way. Nobody feel secured everyday, even the saints have failed in this department. Peter, the Rock failed Jesus, not once, but 3 times. Peter learned. Peter realized he was flesh, and weak, just like you and me. Who is the strongest among us ? Samson failed despite of his physical and moral strength. Samson was desperate briefly, gained back his gifts from the Divine Hand...and destroyed evil, in the all seeing Eyes, it was enough. You are forgiven. Be yourself.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Lessons from life as it should be...

Reminiscing my time back in the Philippines, where, I was privileged to benefit from the toil, and labor of my father. My father earned his success to his efforts and sacrifices to complete his college education despite he was poor. My father completed his bachelor's degree in finance and accounting with "A's", while tending to his small store in a public market. 
After graduating from college, my father received good job offers because of his academic achievements. He turned down every single one of them. My father learned from his experiences, that the only way to become materially prosperous is, to own and manage your own business. In less than 10 years my father made it. From rugs to riches stories.

I learned from my father's example, except I embarked in the social justice work (1982). Working with many poor Pilipinos in the Philippines, have taught me the many lessons about poverty and sufferings. My father respected my decision(s), and even provided financial support to my calling of service to the poor people. He became by number one supporter and friend. 
We lived in different times and challenges, we made choices, to live life as it is or live life as it should be.  

I developed a blog in honor of my father academic achievements...his way of changing things.

Dedicated my father who gave everything to give us a better life. 

Friday, December 6, 2013


In July of 1997, I embarked on a new journey, the special field, we labeled as people with disabilities, autistic children and adults, the retarded. We applied political correctness by changing the derogatory, labeling and insulting words to "special needs people". Many of us who have academic backgrounds in psychology and behavioral sciences, are in for the shock of our lives. For example, many knows if not memorized BF Skinners Reinforcement and Conditioning Theories.
But, how many knows how to apply the theories in actual teaching and training of children and adults with special needs like autism ? 
This is where the training of staffs or learning/behavior therapist starts. Two popular programs in Autism were led by UCLA under Dr. I Lovaas and the May Institute School for Children with Autism. May Institute have programs in many U.S States. May Institute and Dr. I Lovaas are pioneers in the Applied Behavioral Analysis (for Autism)

The two pioneering organizations developed their programs and intructions by applying the only accepted behavioral treatment to Autism -
The Applied Behavioral Analysis methodology and approach or A.B.A . 

The greatest learning I got since 1997 (besides my A.B.A trainings and education) is, that people with special needs are authentically SPECIAL.  Special means, most if not all of them sincerely care, and loved people without conditions. You get what you see from them. No pretentions. No hypocrisy. I spent many years in the adult program settings, residences and schools, and the special people that I worked with, are the same people anywhere they go - meaning they do not make adjustments with their caring attitudes, whether openly or in the privacy of their homes. They have great sense of humor and a unique "divine" intelligence that no formal schooling can provide. For example, many of the children and adults I worked with, can remember verbatim formulas, significant dates, and solve difficult word or number puzzles. This is where the early intervention program pioneered by Dr. Lovass and May Institute came into play and impacted the learning and formative years of children with Autism. Most recently many other nonprofit organizations pursued the Autism program because it is financially viable, and mandated by almost 30+ states in the USA. State laws mandate private insurer to provide funding or reimburse nonprofit organizations or individual practitioners for A.B.A. trainings of children and adults with autism.  

I salute the UCLA under Dr. Lovaas and the May Institute. Thank You for your pioneering work
As of writing time, there is no conclusive findings about the origin/cause of Autism.


Thursday, December 5, 2013


Humanly impossible, to forgive. But, in forgiving that we transcend our physical, ascending to the meta-physical manifestations beyond comprehension. The euphoric effect is beyond description. Forgiveness is a trademark of all faith that believes, that all humans are divine in the making. None of us will ever ascend to the level of divine unless we fulfill the requisite of love, forgiveness. Do you believe it ?
Do you doubt about your power beyond any imagination ? 





Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Like a little child...

Innocence is bliss. Forever children in their hearts. Some people have that child's innocence.
Jesus in one of his sermons said, "You will never enter the kingdom of heaven, unless you have the innocence of a child, and you surpass the righteousness of the pharisees." It seems hard to follow ? But, if you note the precedence of righteousness, is innocence. How can we miss that ? Once you have the innocence of a little child, it is easy to follow the commandments of God, and the rules of human society. If we have the innocence, it is easy to achieve peace. With innocence comes the purity of hearts and intentions. It is an existence of bliss through innocence that results to purity of hearts. It seems easy, if you have to focus on the innocence of a little child. A little child will wish no harm to others, a little child has the unconditional love adults missed out often. A little child's innocence has no limits and has no boundaries. A little child's innocence long for peace and love.  A little child's innocence what we need to achieve the righteousness of God, and that innocence will enable us everlasting peace and love.


Have you seen any civilization that lasted without peace ? Any empire that lasted without peace ? Any people that survived without peace ? How can justice prevail without peace ? How do you deal with the truth without peace ? Peace and Love are the answers. Peace is courage. Peace is strength. Peace is wisdom. Peace is progress. Peace is Love. Love is peaceful.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

LOVING not Only the POOR...

Love is the key to the door of confusion, and ignorance. Love is the key to effectively help the spiritually and materially poor. Love overcomes fear, hate, anger, uncertainty, exhaustion,confusion,all negative forces that destroy our relationships with each other.

In all the parables shared by Jesus, the many hidden messages of... love God above all things, and love your neighbors as you love yourself, is ever present.

Loving God means, loving even those who persecutes and even kill your physical body.
It is difficult to love people that you hate...
It is easy to hate because our physical nature is stronger than our spiritual lives. Everyday when you wake up, you crave for the coffee, the tea and other supplements, mostly physical in nature.
We often forget to say thank you, to God, 
for the love and allowing me to have another day.
We often forget that everything is borrowed on earth, literally and metaphorically. 
Have you realized that everything has an end ? - except Love. 
Love endures forever. For in, love we will find the true meaning of life.

Friday, November 22, 2013

THANK YOU for the author/s of the pictures

The Philippine pictures are not mine. I got it from the world wide web.
Please send me the authors/organization names because I sincerely appreciated all the pictures that speaks a zillion meanings of the Philippines.

Thursday, November 21, 2013


Two days after the super typhoon hit the Philippines, I received several e-mails from friends asking where to write or send the check to donate. Yesterday November 21, 2013 at one of my study groups, many asked me about where to send their donations to the victims of the latest typhoon in the Philippines. I am compelled to write about this article because I have reasons to believe, I have the moral obligation to share my experiences with charitable  giving  and donating your hard earned money, especially my friends and business associates I did business with, (and established a trust based relationships), are donating to the Philippine relief efforts. Thank You for your compassion.

There were outpouring of relief (food mainly) and manpower supports from many developed countries from Europe and North America.
Initially, I was skeptical about the help coming from foreign organizations, because there are so much resources back home from local and foreign NGO's based in the Philippines. There are numerous billionaires in the Philippines. All of the above can initiate and provide the relief goods (food in particular). 
 In my facebook, I have written a short letter challenging the Philippine billionaires to help.
Some responded. Thank You.

I worked in social development with Philippine NGO's and briefly with the Cory Aquino Government, USAID/Philippines, CARE International, Plan International Philippines.
From 1983 to 1989 I visited many Philippine islands performed needs assessment, trainings and project proposal development (feasibility studies.) During my tenure in the Philippines, and based on data today...the problem of material poverty is still the "numero uno problema" in the Philippines. Paradoxically, Philippines is extremely rich in natural resources, and  many of the Pilipinos I met are gifted, talented and hardworking people. Many speak at least two languages . (English, Spanish, Tagalog, Ilonggo, Visaya (Cebuano), Ilocano languages, Southern Philippine languages, and many other Philippine regional languages. The official language today: English and Tagalog.  There are so many things I learned while working in social and economic projects in the Philippines. 

The strongest, influential and most powerful institution in the Philippines is the Philippine Catholic Church. Again, sadly to note many priests were killed in the Philippines (including many journalist) because many if not all of them spoke about the truth and confronted the social ills of the Philippines. The social and political problems of the Philippines is extremely complex. Complicated is an understatement.

Why am I giving you this brief background about the Philippines and charitable giving ?
If you are planning to give, give it responsibly by researching the nonprofit you have chosen to donate your hard earned cash. You can request from the nonprofit a report of their "givings", transactions and check how much are spent to pay their nonprofit CEO. In the USA, you can visit the IRS 990 and find out where most of your money go. 

Many NGO's and the people working for them are good and well-meaning individuals. There are some who take advantage of tragedies like the Philippines, to make money or enrich themselves by starting a big business called "nonprofit organizations." 
According to research the USA government grants at least $500 Billion to charities in the US and elsewhere (?). That is a lot of money.
The charitable givings amounted to trillion of dollars in the last decades or more. A big enterprise with less scrutiny from government regulators, and private watchdogs for NGO's.
So be mindful when you give, your compassion is not enough, be responsible and follow up if not check, if you are really compassionate to the true recipients of your hard earned and honest money. 

email me for suggestions or questions:


Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Becoming proactive to help, instead of blaming...

Blaming others is really convenient, and an easy way out. We are all part of planet earth, and many of us are responsible with what is going on with our planet, not only in the Philippines but the world in general. According to scientist, blaming is actually projecting our own insecurities, shortcomings, and negative experiences in life. Our pessimism has basis. But, there is hope.

The extreme weather changes can be a cycle if not our abuse of mother earth (pollution, waste mismanagement, greed ? etc.) According to some environmental pundits we have time to change if not save our environment. It means today not tomorrow.

Environmental activists are "blaming" the excesses of some people and business. Extreme weather changes due to many factors, factors that are highly debated and contested in Courts.

Each one of us has a responsibility. As temporary residents of planet earth, we are mandated to take good care of our temporary home (earth) for the next generation to live and enjoy. Do not forget many of us have grand children - they will benefit from our responsible behaviors. 

Suggestions how to minimize if not remove "blaming others" behavior from our lexicons and lives.

Forgive others, and ourselves too. We have no control of certain things in our lives. Be proactive. If you are passionate about the environment, be an activist for our environment. If you are passionate about people's rights, become a human rights activist.

Disclaimer: This article is not a professional counsel or advise. My experiences and thoughts dictated this to me. Sharing and becoming proactive in making our small world a better place to live today and tomorrow. 

Friday, November 15, 2013

A thousand words...

For centuries Philippines and the People had endured all kinds of challenges...from colonial times to the 21st century. The pain is beyond measures, but the resilient Pilipino spirit never gave up. Tomorrow will come, and we will rise again. Today is the start of tomorrow...

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Acting Proactively...not just Reacting.

In the early 80's, I attended a training for community workers in the Philippines. That particular training transformed the way I live my ideals and vision for  a better world. 

The speaker said , " Can you concretize your intellectual proposals  for development and change ? " (Paraphrased)

The speaker was right. He helped me see my "intellectualization" of change and development of the poorest among the poor Pilipinos.
He was not making an ideological point, but a reality check with me, how far will I go to help others ?

I worked and trained with many priests and nuns in the Philippines.
They were selfless and dedicated workers of the people.
I also worked with doctors and lawyers in the Philippines. Most of them sacrificed economic prosperity to serve  the poor Pilipinos.
Dr. Bobby de la Paz spent his life serving the poor Pilipinos, until he was killed by "evil specie" from the Philippines. I called them specie because if you lose your capacity to think and act like a human being, you become a specie...the brutes, that kills for food.

The natural disaster that wrought havoc to the Philippines reminded me of a painful memory. The Visayas region and Mindanao are the most neglected and least favored islands compared to Luzon.
Many marginal peasants and fishermen/women resides in those areas.
A very few extremely rich people, some became presidents, first ladies, politicians with huge mansion in Forbes Park or Dasmarinas Village and many other "richy" enclaves in Luzon, if not Metro Manila.
The Catholic Church today, (a paradox of how the catholic church started in the Philippines) is the only barrier and institution that protected the poor Pilipinos for many decades now, from the clutches of the rich and lower specie, who incessantly wanted more,more each day. Draining the blood of the very poor Pilipinos.

Thanks to my mentors, I stopped reacting to disasters whether natural or man made. Instead, I became pro-actively working with poor people,
and helping make this world a better place. I am not alone. There are so many of us.

We have so many good people  in the world. Many are either asleep or afraid to speak, work if not participate, in making a lasting peaceful change to make planet earth a better planet to live.

The Philippine experiences recently does not exist in a vacuum.
More natural disasters will happen/occur. The question is, are we ready ?
Instead of reacting...let us stop and reflect on, why, how...instead of just asking who are they ? More humans on planet earth...let us act and not react, let us prevent instead of curing, let us build instead of just rebuilding, let us do good to others instead of I and me only...are you ready ?

Monday, November 4, 2013

Is slavery alive ? Part 1 of Many parts...(first draft from the heart)

It is a nagging and perplexing question, is poverty of many people the new form of systematic and subtle slavery of people, paying them the minimum wage, which is not even proportionate with the cost of living in the American main stream society today ? Are we creating a new class of slaves compose of all races including the white people who choose decency, caring, and living in harmony with others ? 

Working with the poorest among the poor for more than thirty years in the Philippines and the United States of America, I noticed a pattern of economic exploitation and modern enslavement through the legal system (of labor laws and the minimum wage standard). Why do we need to create a system of organizing ourselves as a union of workers, when we can simply change the laws, to accommodate the needs of people, "to lease" and live a decent economic life ? What about the US Constitution, that is supposed to be for the people ? Is our US Constitution designed not to care for our economic welfare ? Is our welfare system created to "disable" our ability to think independently, without being too dependent on dole outs from the government ? 
Even the people that I worked with, in the disability field wanted to work and not be a burden for others. 
A very simplistic view and narrow analysis. I am not ignorant of the real score and truth about this. The problem is really complex and even daunting because some sector of our society, I meant the riches of all people (networth in multi-billions of dollars, and owns more than 50% of the world.) Does not really care about us. If they did, we will not be talking about this today. Some pretend to care.

Am I making it up ? Nope. I have been watching the erosion of human values because of extreme poverty (at times caused mental illness according to experts), the disappearance of the caring attitude because the survival of their families are at stake. Did you noticed that ? 
How many jobs do you need to have a decent living in the United States of America ? People working as direct staffs for people with disabilities needs at least another job to survive, or seek overtime hours and pay, in order to take home a salary that will enable them to pay their bills.

Have you noticed that many people from Africa or other developing countries are working in direct roles such as direct care staffs or aides for your relatives ? They make a little more than the minimum wage...$10.00 to $12.00 an hour. Can you decently live with $12.00 an hour working 8 hours a day, unless you are related to Michael Dell or Bill Gate or you have a trust fund to depend on ?
 Is this a modern day slavery ? You noticed that people of color outnumbered the white people working in the field of disabilities ?
 I meant the direct care workers (from day program staffs, group home workers, CNA to LPN). 
In the Nursing Homes, who cares for your parents ? In Day Programs and Group Home for people with disabilities, who cares for your brothers or sisters with autism or mental retardation ? Do you know where are they from ?
People from developing countries like Haiti, Kenya, Nigeria, Latin American countries, Asia ie. Philippines and many other developing nations, and they are making between $10.00 to $11.00 an hour, while their CEO's makes between $100,000.00 to $900,000.00 annually + perks. What is wrong with this picture ? A classic socio-economic disparity. A modern day slavery of many people from developing nations.
By the way it is legal to pay people $11.00 or $12.00 (My lawyer friend said it.) 
Ethics and Logic dictates, it is inhuman, and  a violation of our human rights to live in a decent, and humane way. How do we change this modern day exploitation and slavery ? Follow my blog.   

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Shut down or Shut up, and do your share...

The current government shut down has impacted everyone, directly or indirectly, express or implied, born or unborn people in America, and tourist visiting parks and places managed or owned by our US Government. It means you and me are impacted by this.

 Many people are decent. But, many of them are either, not aware, not informed, do not care (?), or simply afraid (?) of speaking up because of reprisal politically, or economic ?

The problems of the USA is a bit complex. The government shut down is symptomatic of a deeper disconnect of the political leaders with its constituency, The expectations of the voters or the constituents, is service from its elected leaders, without  disruptions caused by political bickering, trivials, political rhetorics and semantics, ideology, personality conflicts and other agendas by the elected public servants. Too idealistic ?

The shutdown is a form of betrayal by our political leaders, of upholding the first law of  a civil society, which is, the welfare of the people is the first law. Whose welfare are they really fighting ? Their personal welfare or the people's welfare, they promised to uphold ?

Both parties, Republicans and Democrats are guilty of this betrayal.  We, the people, on the other hand, are guilty of complacency, or simply idleness, to get involved and be part of the bigger question. Who are the people, we have elected in office ? Most of us know (?) the complex issues, but the question , is that really complex to serve the people in need ? We do not want dole out or false promises, we want our leaders to be honest with us.
( I have reasons to believe, there are decent politicians in the Republican and Democrat parties in the US Senate and Congress. They are out numbered, out voted, or overwhelmed by the magnitude or intensity of the Obama care ?
 Of our first black president ? Since day one, we have been blocking many of his moves, as well as, labeling him as too leftist, or Islamist ? Check the right wing commentators, or media.

Many of our senators and congresspeople are a bit richer, than most of us. From writing books, lectures, and teaching opportunities, to very rich business backers, they are financially safe. They have their economic safety nets, and what we have is, a free fall without a parachute. Many of us have experienced underemployment and, if not expensive health insurances.
 If we the people shut down, we will lose a paycheck, worst of all, we get fired.
Our senators and congresspeople still get paid ?
 Correct me if I am wrong, our senators and congresspeople have adequate health insurances and a stable economic future ?

This is not a blame game. Let us face this reality. We can only overcome this political stupidity and confusion, if we the people, stand up and unite, and tell them, shut up and do what you were elected to do, do not shut down our government (the people will pay the price of all this).  
We should be aware of this. We allowed this to happen. How many people in the USA voted in elections ? How many are familiar, how our political system works ? Have you wonder, why some Wall Street people got away with some of their deeds, from inside trading to Ponzi Schemes ? How many are willing to sacrifice, and join protests and demonstrations, to redress grievances. In a democracy, silence is scary. If you are quite, and not participate, your children's democratic future is compromised. Have you wonder why totalitarian leaders thrives ? From complacency to fear, ignorance and confusion, are some of the ingredients that will sustain a thriving totalitarian state or government. Have you noticed, our system appeared to have been based on plutocracy, meaning rule by the "extremely" rich and greedy people.


Thursday, August 15, 2013

Is Science racist ? A continuing search...

Notable and popular scientist were mostly white and people from Asian countries namely India, China or Japan.Why so ? Is that a natural anomaly or by design ? Or is it environmental cultural,political,social, and spiritual orientations, or another conspiracy ? Times have changed in the United States of America. Rolex and Timex are common. Many minorities own a Bentley,BMW (black,Hispanics,Asians etc.) have achieved not only the American Dream but attained academic honors and status. Some were caught doing ponzi schemes with some (p)fonzi white folks like Bernie. We have honored a black person with a Federal Holiday,we have elected a mixed bred president,we have same sex marriage in many US States,abortion is legal in the US, the klan lost membership and many of their leaders were convicted of race related crimes,we have snowblowers and whistleblowers, some senior citizens uses viagra, some had contracted STD,AARP is for real, Russians are not a threat but Putin is ? China's central party members are (underc)overzealous capitalists and investors,China decides to foreclose Texas as payment for the 3 trillion dollars + INTEREST- George borrowed to finance the Iraq invasion, what else can you think about the 21st century ? Last night Elvis Presley was cited for speeding by a highway policeman in Las Vegas,X files was taken over by Bones, Modern Family and the Last Man Standing are primetime favorites,the Soprano lost its bid at the NY Lincoln Performance Center,Weiner is running for Mayor of the NYC empire,his political platform: sexting break at noon siesta,meter parking accepts American Express but does not provide discounts,Bill Clinton is not running for president, Hillary will ? 
electronic cigar,the space shuttle is parked at the Smithsonian Museum, bloggers like me are considered "journalist", Washington Post was bought by Amazon,Boston Globe becomes Red Sox exclusive, Whitey Bulger found guilty at last, with what ? Mafia is a thing of the past but organized crime is on the,I work with NSA (no strings attached),who cares ?
what else Science ? Are you racist ? 

A lot of events transpired since my arrival to the USA. My experiences and education from my native land were laden with skepticism and suspicion. The Philippines was colonized by the Spanish Empire from 1521 to 1898. At the Versailles Peace Treaty of December 10, 1898,
The USA government paid Spain $20 million for Cuba,Puerto Rico, and the Philippines.
The Philippines is the only empire by the USA. The Philippines was granted its independence in 1935 and ratified their Philippine constitution copied from the USA Constitution.
It was amended numerous times including in 1986, when the government of the Philippines decided to shut down the US military bases in the Philippines. The Philippines asserted their sovereignty by kicking out the US military bases in the island nation. According to Philippine historians the USA military bases in the Philippines, is one of the major reasons why the Japanese Imperial Army, during World War II, bombed and destroyed the capital city of the Philippines. Centuries old building and artifacts were destroyed during the bombing. In our recent memory, Iraq's war with USA destroyed centuries old artifacts (Iraq invasion under GWB) ? It appeared history was repeated on the ebb of 21st century wars of colonization and imperialism ?
Science as a weapon of colonization ? A particular race asserting their superiority against a sovereign nation; Science of armaments, weaponry and war. It sounded like the drone program to take out "enemies of the state" English is my third language. You can help me edit my grammar etc.. (As long as you understand my english, there is no grave reasons to alter what I wrote.)
Another weapon of colonization is the english language. English,French,and Castillan Spanish are spoken by many white people. The white race invaded independent  nations in search of spices,gold,silver,slaves and other reasons related to maintaining and expanding their stranglehold of other non-white,and natural resources rich sovereign nations. Asia,South and Central America, and Africa are the classic example of this colonization and exploitation of white people. From advance science of navigation to armaments. Is science really racists ? What about illness like HIV/AIDS ? Why so many non-white people are affected by AIDS ? What is science doing to help the non-white afflicted by HIV/AIDS ?

Against All Odds...First Draft.

I knew of some, if not many that overcame odds and challenges (deemed insurmountable by others). Each one shared their inspiring stories:

1. Thomas Edison said, 99% perspiration 1% inspiration. Revealing his determination through biographies written by others - Thomas Edison was refused financing by big Wall Street capitalist, but Thomas Edison never gave up. Close friends and relatives gave the needed support to Thomas Edison. 
History gave justice to Thomas Edison's achievement against all odds. Read more about Edison's friends who helped him. Some are also familiar and became a success story because of their brilliance and refusal to give up against all odds.

Modern day stories of struggles and overcoming all odds are still happening and will happen over and over again, if we will not give up.

Another story (most recently), is the story of an NFL Football star jailed for five years and later exonerated. He was found not guilty by DNA technology. Brian Banks, a black person was convicted of a crime he did not commit.
Banks is currently playing with one of the NFL's team.

Project Innocent have helped inmates awaiting execution in our prison death chambers. Barry Scheck, Peter Neufeld, Jim Dwyer shared their stories in a book "Actual Innocence". The trio are modern day crusaders pursuing justice when justice goes wrong and they made it right. (paraphrased from their NY Best Seller Book, Actual Innocence).

The different shades of struggles and overcoming all odds happened to all people of color. White or not, the 21st century issue of racism is complex because some perpetrators of racism are non-white people. Furthermore, the socio-economic crisis have revealed that plutocracy (rule by the wealthy) is playing a role in racism. Partisan politics is another.
Some religions proliferated racism through their hierarchy.For centuries this particular religion have exploited people through their religious bigotry. Hypocrisy is the norm. They shout stop racism, but all their leaders were white people, despite of the fact that they have hundreds of million members and leaders who are not white. The wolves that wear that sheep's clothing.Beware.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Experiences and Passion (first draft)

Abraham Lincoln and George Washington were two of the greatest United States of America President's. Their greatness is not only because of their brilliance and talents for leadership, but  because their successes were founded from their personal experiences and passion for changing things in order to make this country a
great nation of men and women ruled by law and order, fairness and justice and great prosperity for the majority of the people. 

The 18th and 19th centuries had witnessed brilliance from people who have no formal education or an Ivy League status. Unlike at the end of the 19th century we have witnessed many  people who are leading our countries towards the 21st century were the product of Ivy League mentoring and tutelage. FDR, JFK, Bill Clinton, George Bush Jr., Barack Obama and surrounded by a phalanx  of Ivy Leguers. They have the qualifications and experiences, but one nagging question is, do they have the passion and humility of Jesus Christ as a leader and catalyst ? Will it be fair to compare them with Jesus Christ ? Will I do justice to them if I say, they are trying ?  Or not trying ?

Many people in the United States claims to be followers of Jesus Christ. But, are they practicing and applying the passion and experiences of Jesus Christ to reach out to others, to help, and care with no strings attached ? Why are there so many poor people today despite of our advancement and technological success ?  Are we missing the point ? Experiences and the passion to serve others without reservations and other conditions ? The experiences achieved through humility and passion emanating from our sincere hearts.


Ironies and Lessons (first draft)


Most of us, if not all measure our success by the amount of money we have accumulated or the PhD's and academic honors we have achieved.
Reality dictated the above. We need it to thrive if not survive.

As I mature with my way of thinking and acknowledged my finite being 
- Socrates was right (?) and Aristotle was truthful (?) most of the time. Plato was greatly influenced by his beloved teacher Socrates. Plato, Socrates and Aristotle are many of the famous Greeks that influenced our Western thoughts.
Sun Tzu, Confucious, Ho Chi Min, Mao Tse, are few of the many Asian thinkers that influenced many Asians.
I read and studied both Western and Asian thinkers.
I pondered for years and made attempts to apply the positive lessons they shared in making our world a better to live. As a teacher, I influenced some of my students with my synthesis and arguments about the Western and Asian thoughts. 

My greatest lessons are not from my mastery and understanding of my favorite philosophers,
but from my mistakes and indecisiveness in my life. I noted this mistake.

My lessons are the ironies of my personal existence. The way my thoughts, were molded by the books I read, I obviously struggled and denied some of their philosophical insinuations. Again, it is probably my difficulties in suppressing the pessimism of my experiences, or just that the realities of life is really not explained by the above thinkers.

What is reality ? Ironies ? Lessons ?

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Godless or Fearless ?

I knew one country whose population is approximately .0311% of the whole planet earth.
They professed to be Godloving nation but destroyed numerous government who refused to submit to their will. 

The nation of less than .03 of the globe literally controls 60% to 80% of the world's wealth, they have more enemies than friends not because they have wealth and prosperity...but because they are good for nothing. You are their ally and friend, if you are useful to them. Many of their leaders are extremely wealthy and arrogant.
Many of their citizens were conditioned to prosperity and mendicancy. I and me is the mantra of their society. 

They professed to believe in the goodness of God but they support capital punishment or they execute their prisoners. They have judges either elected or appointed. Many of them are blinded by the truth. Many of them does not possess the wisdom that God gave King Solomon. They label you terrorist if you fight them. You are a subversive if you question them.
Their judges are not fair to the minorities. Most of their prisoners are either black or hispanic.
Is this the truth ? You research or find out the truth by reading the facts. Do not believe what you read but look around and visit their jails, you will see the truth.

Will God tolerate this ? All empire like this failed. Obviously they are doomed. God will give them opportunity to repent. They think they are smarter than God. Wickedness that is.
Godless or fearless ? You will answer to One God. You are a mortal and limited. Repent.
Do the right thing. Turn away from evil. Overcome evil by doing good. 
You will be fearless because God will sustain you !   

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Simple Reminder

Have you wondered why challenging things happened to you when you least expected it ?

Be reminded: Ultimately you will face the reality...
Do not worry...simple and yet you still worry.
Control is relative. You can minimize the impact...but cannot control it.
Do not surrender...people proposes, God disposes.
Pain is temporary; Look it is sunny and another cool summer...Spring was here and foliage is coming, a season for everything !
Health is wealth indeed. While young do not work 16 hours, smell the coffee.
Laughter is medicine indeed; A sincere smile will do the tricks.
Positive and negative. Polarity. Light, camera...remember you are being watched.
Brave new world. Before the camera and surveillance were concieved, God had already installed a micro chip called conscience in you.
Listen. Can you hear it.
Be reminded, God is with us.

Thursday, August 1, 2013


Many people forgets,God does not...
Others condemn,God forgives...
Some hate others, God loves everyone...
Religion and beliefs divides, God unites...
Some are ungrateful, God shower graces in abundance...
Some doubts, God is certain all the time...
Some aims for perfection, God is perfectly fine with imperfections...
While others whine, God waits patiently...
Some lies, God loves the truth...
Others see your action, God sees your heart...
Others fears death, God guarantees life eternal...
Others were confused, God exacting love overcomes all odds...
Some rejects others, God accepts without conditions...
Some are democrats, some are republicans - God is non-partisan...
Some pretends, God is authentic...
Others still search, God is there...
Where others cannot find, God is where you are...