Monday, June 30, 2014


No one has the right to exploit others. Everyone has the right to develop his or her talents without exploiting others. Your rights ends where the rights of others begins. It is your right to defend yourself when others oppresses you. It is your right to make choices in your life, but remember it should not violate the rights of  people, including unborn children. Exceptions happens but be diligent and conscientious with your decision because it has a serious moral implications for the rest of your life. It your right to get angry but not to hate others. It is your right to expand your knowledge not at the expense of others. It is your right to be in this world. It is your right to imagine and actualize your dream but remember to be just and fair to others. It is your right to be successful but be humble. It is your right to be compassionate but do it for the right reason based on respect and justice. It is your right to refuse unless you are called to serve your God and others. It is your right to be happy but remember your happiness must not cause injury to others. It is your right to own things but do not steal or covet the property of others. It is your right to be protected from exploitation. It is the right of government to do the right things for her people. Remember a just and fair government is from the Divine. You have the right to change unjust government peacefully,  no exceptions. You have the right to peace but not violence. It is God's right to extract and deliver punishment to wickedness and evil. Above and  beyond this rights - remember your rights are not absolute. You have the right to understand this.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Everyone directly or indirectly suffered 'misfortune', 'bad things', 'bad luck', 'failure', and many other negativities. Some blame others or blame God. Some ask why me ? Some ask why God ?
Nobody knows why.
My personal experiences with failures or bad things came mostly from my own weakness and limitations. Some I do not know WHY ?
Peace is divine gift. Through prayers we receive Divine PEACE.
Peace is the acceptance of things beyond our control.
Do you have Divine PEACE in your heart and mind ?

How do you achieve Divine Peace ?

1. Prayer

2. Love everyone.

3. Forgive and Forget

4. Help others in need

5. Do the right thing for others. Do to others what you like others do to you.

6. Releasing anger by forgiving and forgetting

7. Believe that YOU can because of God's mercy and LOVE.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Love as commanded...

We are called to serve God. Many refused not because they were not chosen. Gentile or Jew, Muslim or not we came from the same God of Abraham and Moses. Seek God, Love all His People. How can you KILL if you LOVE ?

Being rich and powerful not a privilege or right to exploit God's people.

Being poor and impoverished not an excuse to kill and revolt against God's people.

The Law of God handed to Moses - The Human Laws emanating from God must be obeyed. How do you know a Divine controlled and inspired law ? It promotes LOVE, it preserves PEACE, it encourages HOPE, it created Harmony, Just and Fair, and not self-conceit.

You cannot deceive God...He is the ALPHA and the Omega.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Empty and Vain.

I was looking at the modern concrete and steel buildings recently and I felt a strange kind of emotion. The feeling of emptiness. The cold steel and concrete reminds me of the "coldness" of some people living in those structures. How can they live in a golden rat holes ?
- I felt like in a golden caged, imprison by my own selfishness and ambitions. Empty and vain.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Monuments of the heart...

Statues and concrete structures sculpted by artisans immortalized countless heroes of generations...
 But, how many really come...  
 Reflecting  the meaning of such symbols and epithet ? 

How do you like to be remembered or not remembered ? 
Billboards, signage, news article, statues and other sculptures...
 I chose to be remembered...
 in the hearts of people I met and helped... Being appreciated in the hearts of people...
 can translate to their next generations.

Statues and other metal structures fades...
 become rusted, decaying as the time goes by...
Being remembered in the hearts of people ... sketched in their lives. 
The mind fades, but the heart remains. 
How do you like to be remembered ?