Monday, August 11, 2014

Maybe some of you, have read the book "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" a nice, "well written" economically motivated story, a comparison between two people, one an accomplished and rich businessperson with less formal education, and the other, a very educated, and academically accomplished person, but poor. Which one would you choose ? 

I did not choose any. Material wealth and its pursuit, is chasing after the wind. Seeking worldly knowledge, is another folly...chasing after the wind. Life as it should be, that is my choice. I know so many rich people, and yet they are not happy, and contented; I met so many accomplished academics and many are "confused". It reminds me of what Socrates said, " More knowledge, more confusion." (paraphrased)

Yes, we mortals have so much blunders. We have the same problems, and challenges with our daily lives, history have demonstrated, only the characters and personalities changed. The same follies. For example, the economic challenges of the ancients, are similar to our economic challenges today, except we are talking in trillions, if not zillions. The poverty issues are the same to some varying degrees and extent. The social and political issues are similar likewise. Corrupt politicians, greedy landlords, and dishonest business practices. 

Now, you are wondering, how can we change this ? No, we cannot change anything or anyone. As the wise king said, " Life is all vanities, chasing after the wind." Except_________________.  
You have to fill in the blank. Search your lives. Check your happiness. Where does your heart resides ? Where are you going today ? What are you doing tonight. Are you ready, when the time you have on earth is ending ? 
Do you know when ? Of course, nobody knows. Preparation is of essence. Are you prepared ?
What is life after all ? 

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