Monday, May 30, 2011

Labeling others.........

  Stereotypes...labeling others. B.Disraeli once said, " To be conscious that you are ignorant is a great step to knowledge."  I am guilty of labeling are you all ! We live in a world regardless of your country or etnic origin ignorant of the fact we are so ignorant about other people.So we give them labels like "Nigger","Chink", Commies, "Republicans",......and many others.
Do you feel cruelty,inhumanity and/or just shameless, guiltless when you label people ?

Since 1983

  I started in the early 1980's searching and asking questions about the nature of people and its impact to societal issues like socio-economic inequalities in particular poverty among the masses in democratic and open societies.As a student activist and leader I have experience the implication of status quo in the school environment and encompassing communities and societies in general.I thought the school was a place to educate myself in understanding societal issues that affects everyone in my community and nation as a whole.
  I started a self-funded research project to reinforce and sustain my arguments if not recommendations in minimizing if not eradicating socio- economic inequalities without resorting to violence.The pen after all is still mightier than the the 21st century technology makes almost everything transparent and "truthful" ? In honor of those who made the ultimate sacrifice for freedom and justice for all born or unborn...................................