Friday, May 23, 2014 is foreign to us.

Rejection a nine letter word, is indeed a difficult word. On the bright note, it means there is a bigger plan waiting for you. I am not averse to rejection though I am not feeling rejected despite I got rejections here and there.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Why poverty exist in highy developed nations like USA ?

I studied poverty in the USA for more than 20 years -
This is a hypothetical example of a family of 6 (both parents + 4 children) living in a USA State/City like Boston, and New York City - the father works as direct staff for a special needs group home, and works in a parking company during the weekend. (the mother stays at home because they have a six months old baby, and a 5 year old child, the two other children attends elementary public school.
He makes $11.00/hour as a direct staff (40 hours)
He makes $11.00/hour as parking attendant/booth for a parking lot company (16 hours per week)
Income for the month before taxes and other deductions = $ 616/week x 4 = $2,464.00 (gross/month before deductions)

Essential Expenses per month:
Apartment rental - $1,500.00
Food and other household expenses (including milk for the baby) - $400-500./month
Gas/transport cost - 100/month
Health insurance co-pay with employer/month = $400.+ -
Sub-total = $2,500.00
Other expenses ? _____________
Do you see the logic and the economic cause of poverty in the USA ?

Monday, May 12, 2014


 Have you thought about this ?

That the simplicity of our hearts, and the innocence of our thoughts, will carry you through life. Not "unscathed", not deterred - You have to believe that you can, no matter how rocky, and steep, any mountains can be overcome.

Now, you have thought about it.

--------- More thoughts---------

"There is one original, You."

"Everyone has a talent, and a gift. It may not be the same but they are uniquely YOURS."

"Not much of luck ?
You are not "lucky", you are 'Blessed'."

Saturday, May 10, 2014


As I reflect the mother's day weekend - We all have mother's, and father's. We owe them a lot, whether you like it or not. Cared for or abandoned at childbirth, our parents have a lasting impact in our lives.
Whoever you are today, whatever you have achieved or not achieved, our parents have a vital role and influence in those significant events affecting our lives. 

In the interest of cultural sensitivity, and respect, I will leave this to you to ponder on my thoughts on Mother's Day.

Friday, May 9, 2014


This picture was taken by someone from the Philippines. Thank You for this picture.

I spent almost 17 years of my professional life and commitment, working with and for people with physical and mental disabilities.  All those years I noted and observed that many of those mothers were always there for their children with disabilities.  I met not so many fathers (of course many fathers are working during those encounters). In many meetings, like the annual planning for their children's goals and program activities, the mothers were actively involved. 
Mothers were there to advocate for their children.  Remember when Jesus was crucified, Mary his earthly mother was there. When Jesus was abandoned by many of his followers, Mary stood by her Son, Jesus. Mary's courage and sacrifices were worth emulating. Mary and many other mothers symbolized sacrifice, patients, dedication, faithfulness, courage, wisdom, and many others virtues.

Thank You for all the mothers, and Father's too.

Venerating, Honoring, and understanding...

As we prepare for our Mother's Day celebration in the United States of America, the rest of the planet looks forward to honor the mothers behind all of us. On this day, we honor likewise our father's because both mothers and fathers are indispensable for our physical being, and formation as humans. Thank You both.


Tuesday, May 6, 2014

The World is deep: deeper than day can comprehend.

Friedrich Nietzsche once said, " The world is deep, deeper than day can comprehend." Like many thinkers, Nietzsche's thoughts were perplexing because his many actions oftentimes contradicts his words, just like you and I. We are not here to understand Nietzsche's philosophical underpinnings, we are here to explore our own dilemma, enigma, and Promethean thoughts for the morrows.

I woke up this morning hearing the voice of my wife saying, "get some rest for we are doing a movie marathon tonight (paraphrased). Simple pleasure of life, and feeling the "together moments" of two people via the movies. Not Promethean or spectacular but meaningful and lasting moments... 

Heard and seen the news while eating breakfast "judge free a man to rejoin his family." That is a news, though simple but meaningful. Great way to start the day on a positive note. While others were driving to work, I was supervising our dogs while they perform their mundane tasks for the day. One of our dogs started barking at another person approaching  from behind. I told our dog to be silent but the person behind me admonished, "He is doing his job." The person was right. Why am I stopping our dog from doing his job ?" Another irony of life. Guard dogs are supposed to warn their owners of pending dangers or strangers to our territory. A trivial story but worthy of our thoughts.


Sunday, May 4, 2014

Debut with 1332 views, Thank you in several languages...

Thank You. Danke. o'n ban, cnacn6i,salamat,'istuli','nadri'Terima kasih',mutu merseh... It is a great privileged to know people viewing and reading my blogs.  I wanted to write to convey my thoughts, and ideas to make this world  a  better  place to breathe and live. 

I cannot say thank you enough - to YOU, except I will do my best to share with YOU matters that really counts, thoughts that really matters, and ideas that will influence others to make peace, not only with others but with themselves. I cannot change how you think, and cannot change the "design" of our universe, I can only share, if not influence others to do the right things.
My life experiences and interactions with so many people typical or not, had greatly influenced my decision to write, and convey the message of hope, and aspirations, "untainted" by political ideologies or religious  persuasions. Can I really do that ? Without being influenced by the things I see, hear and read ? 
How will my religious and political past influenced my writings ?  

To my German, Serbian, Chinese, Sri-Lanka, Russian, UK, Vietnam, Philippines, Ukraine, and United States readers, and viewers...THANK YOU.  

Friday, May 2, 2014


You woke up this morning knowing the recent event in Nigeria, Ukraine, and Syria. All negative reports. Driving to work another driver cut you off from the normal flow of vehicular traffic. What can you do ?
Many will react angrily, just like many of us does, a natural reaction; Some will reflect and ask the question, what's the rush, it is Friday after all ? Friday or any day of the week, many "rush"...and we wonder why ? Did you know rushing creates unnecessary stress ? Remember stress is a reality, but we have to know when to stress out on "things". Some things are not worth the stress. A wise adage reminds us,  "Everything appeared important, but there are priorities".

Today is the "present", a gift. Live to the fullest for today is the day. You never know about tomorrow, except forecasting it. Work hard on what is in your control, today.   

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Challenges, Setbacks, Failures, Defeat, and other negativities...

A popular adage that reminds us, "It is the journey that matters"...
All of us have experienced all sorts of negative experiences in life, from getting yelled at, scolded, even spanked with a belt or ruler. Some overcame such negatives, some carried it with them as a mental baggage, transferred, and conveyed it expressly to their children .

The negatives does not end in our lifetime. Everyday at work, or even at social gatherings, negatives exist, side by side with the positive things we do. From our harsh critics to some who are just cynical about life; And its negatives, they all create that negative experience in us.

How do we overcome the negatives of life ? 
It is reality. Some said, "Focus on the positive", by ignoring the negatives, another wise adage: "Seeing the glass half-full".

How do we overcome negatives ? As highly recommended, by "experienced optimists" -
Surround yourself with positive people. How do we do that ? How do we know positive people are really positive ? Isn't it negative is needed to spark the "positive-light" ? Thomas Edison became famous not only because he invented "convenience" and a"phenomenal industry"...Mr. Thomas Edison remained positive, after his many "failures",  denied funding for his invention, and abandoned by some of his friends. Remember Thomas Edison famous saying, " "99%" perspiration, and "1%" inspiration" ?
Many understood the adage as "hard work", and others interpreted it as "never give up".  The late inventor of the "MAC" computer system is another example. He never gave up until his last day on earth. 

Each one of us has a unique experience about the negatives of life. We can face that negative, and create a positive result, if not a positive learning experience. No one can really put you down with negatives, unless you succumb to "self-pity" and allowed yourself, to be swallowed by the world. From Jonah running away from his calling, and to you my loyal readers, reading my blogs, not giving up on my "mediocrity", "naivety", and my simple outlook of life. I found my calling...
If I can turn my negative experiences in life to a positive experience, you can too. 

Indeed, the journey matters, the end is a bonus.

Thank You for not giving up.