Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Knowledge and Learning are not exactly the same. Pundits and geniuses will argue about this definition till the end of the world. This is my definition and experience with knowledge and experience. ( disclaimer: If someone has the same definition, similarities and exactness, it is not plagiarism or copyright violations on my part. You probably read this article. Copying this will flatter my intellectual "superiority". ) 

Love of knowledge and learning. Aristotle said,
(paraphrased) that the motivation of "men" to seek knowledge is motivated by sex, power and wealth. I vehemently disagreed with his sweeping generalization of motivation to seek knowledge. In ancient Greece perhaps many of Aristotles' predecessors and contemporaries are motivated by the above - sex, wealth and power.
B.Madoff the convicted"ponzi" schemer was obviously motivated by wealth and power, I think B. Madoff was not pursuing knowledge but ____?
We can interview him in jail. The disgraced Richard Nixon sought power at all cost that consequently cost his presidency. The late President John Kennedy was having sex with women either attracted to him or _____? Was he a sex addict ? Was he pursuing knowledge ? Was he pursuing _____? An assasin bullet cut him short. As a small child in the early sixty I heard good things about the late JFK. They made a few enemy in their lifetime perhaps because of what they did or _______?  Before going all over the place I will go back to our subject, learning.

Learning ? What do you understand about learning ? How do you learn ? What is learning ?
Is learning the same with knowledge pursuit ? Is learning will undo the secret of life ? Will learning make you happy ? Will learning make you rich ? What do you think about learning ?
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