Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Everyone directly or indirectly suffered 'misfortune', 'bad things', 'bad luck', 'failure', and many other negativities. Some blame others or blame God. Some ask why me ? Some ask why God ?
Nobody knows why.
My personal experiences with failures or bad things came mostly from my own weakness and limitations. Some I do not know WHY ?
Peace is divine gift. Through prayers we receive Divine PEACE.
Peace is the acceptance of things beyond our control.
Do you have Divine PEACE in your heart and mind ?

How do you achieve Divine Peace ?

1. Prayer

2. Love everyone.

3. Forgive and Forget

4. Help others in need

5. Do the right thing for others. Do to others what you like others do to you.

6. Releasing anger by forgiving and forgetting

7. Believe that YOU can because of God's mercy and LOVE.

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