Sunday, August 21, 2011

Exploiting the helpless and the poor

   A famous statement which states, There is no exploitation if the intended victim
refused to be a victim or refuse to be exploited. Prior to the current economic hardship/difficulties in the U.S.A many people are exploited not because they are helpless victims- they are exploited because they allow themselves to be exploited. Many people in America are better off in comparison to people from South America or Africa. People in America have greater opportunities and privileges. The exception is that if you are very poor in America you will be homeless ! Poverty in America is extreme and cruel.
   Living in America for almost twenty years, I have witnessed how people allowed themselves to be exploited because of "convenience" and materialism.  Idealism in America (USA) is weaken because of crass materialism and choices made by many people born in America. Many people born in America are individualist and reactionary.  A few others are fighting back...thanks to the Labor Union and "idealist lawyers" who supports their pitiful plight. We are exploited because we allow others to  exploit us ! Stand up and unite poor people of America. You will lose nothing except the shackle and misery of poverty !
    America will experience the extreme poverty of other developing countries in the near future unless the people start asserting not only their rights but their humanity as well. 

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