Thursday, August 18, 2011

Nourishments for Our Mind

                                                  WE, The People
                How can we be positive about things when we are lying to ourselves ? The point is ...working in human services for years I have realized I have been exploited by the very people that leads and professed to "be good".

            With the current economic conditions we have a favotite escape goat...
the USA and its Government. We need to blame someone to feel good about
ourselves... and our miserable plight ?

              No. We donot know poverty in this country; Not yet.  We are getting
there, in fifty to a hundred years if we sit...whine and do nothing to change things
including ourselves.

             Industry and really hard work plays a major role in an authentic
meritocratic society. USA is not there yet. It is the fault of President Obama and
his liberal cohorts.  There we go again.   Blaming others in particular, our
Government.  Perhaps, by now you are examining yourself if you are part of the
problem or the solution ?   Will it help if we cast our votes for  someone we
believe can change things ? I donot know.  Do you ? Is it late ? Try going back
to history not only American History but the Humankind and their story.

               A leader can only be effective with the people that believes that they
can  change things together.  Will Obama be the right person to vote and
support and continue his legacy of YES, We can ! I am not a democrat but I voted
for President Obama in the last election.  Recently, I was getting impatient because
the President failed my expectations.  I thought... He is a man not SUPERMAN !
Will he win again because I will vote for him ? Maybe.  If there is a Hispanic
running against him will you vote against President Obama ? If there an Asian
running against President Obama, will you vote in favor of the Asian candidate ?
Remember, they are all people.  People change. People succumb to pressures.
People has breaking points.  People are fallible.  People eat. People needs rest and
sleep.  People are people.


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