Thursday, December 29, 2011

Being with them and for them...

Working with special people is really special.  Not only it brings fulfillment but happiness 
unmeasured and deep.  The special responses of special people are without conditions and 
pretentions.  They donot judge your looks instead they see you as you are.  They treat you 
so special that you felt accepted as you are.  They have their moments of difficulties but it is
nothing compared to their moments of happiness and nurturing care and attentions towards
you and the rest of their world.  They might seem so odd if not perflexing but they are well-
defined by their specific needs not want.  They are constantly nourishing and empathic but
simplicity is their greatest gift...being with them and for them fulfilled and answered so many
of my queries and worries, I found myself happy and contented being with them and for them !

Rodolfo Panizales
Dec. 29, 2011 at Surrey, UK 

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