Saturday, January 7, 2012

HYPOCRISY organized religion and partisan politics. 
Paraphrasing Aristotle  " Power, sex and wealth are motivations 
that enable men (women) to pursue knowledge.  Pursuing  Knowledge 
about religion and partisan political ideologies without 
practicing and consistenly applying teachings and learnings from 
those knowledge can be construed as hypocrisy.  But what is the 
meaning of hypocrisy ? Are you leading a life of hypocrisy ? 
What is the the foundational philosophy that detests hypocrisy ?
Are we all hypocrites ? While millions of people suffer due to 
poverty - material deprivations of basic necessities for human
to survive...we enjoy and feast on food that others are deprived ?
We live in homes while others in cardboard boxes ?  We pursue 
graduate educations while others can hardly finish grade school ?
Are we hypocrites ? 

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