Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Shut down or Shut up, and do your share...

The current government shut down has impacted everyone, directly or indirectly, express or implied, born or unborn people in America, and tourist visiting parks and places managed or owned by our US Government. It means you and me are impacted by this.

 Many people are decent. But, many of them are either, not aware, not informed, do not care (?), or simply afraid (?) of speaking up because of reprisal politically, or economic ?

The problems of the USA is a bit complex. The government shut down is symptomatic of a deeper disconnect of the political leaders with its constituency, The expectations of the voters or the constituents, is service from its elected leaders, without  disruptions caused by political bickering, trivials, political rhetorics and semantics, ideology, personality conflicts and other agendas by the elected public servants. Too idealistic ?

The shutdown is a form of betrayal by our political leaders, of upholding the first law of  a civil society, which is, the welfare of the people is the first law. Whose welfare are they really fighting ? Their personal welfare or the people's welfare, they promised to uphold ?

Both parties, Republicans and Democrats are guilty of this betrayal.  We, the people, on the other hand, are guilty of complacency, or simply idleness, to get involved and be part of the bigger question. Who are the people, we have elected in office ? Most of us know (?) the complex issues, but the question , is that really complex to serve the people in need ? We do not want dole out or false promises, we want our leaders to be honest with us.
( I have reasons to believe, there are decent politicians in the Republican and Democrat parties in the US Senate and Congress. They are out numbered, out voted, or overwhelmed by the magnitude or intensity of the Obama care ?
 Of our first black president ? Since day one, we have been blocking many of his moves, as well as, labeling him as too leftist, or Islamist ? Check the right wing commentators, or media.

Many of our senators and congresspeople are a bit richer, than most of us. From writing books, lectures, and teaching opportunities, to very rich business backers, they are financially safe. They have their economic safety nets, and what we have is, a free fall without a parachute. Many of us have experienced underemployment and, if not expensive health insurances.
 If we the people shut down, we will lose a paycheck, worst of all, we get fired.
Our senators and congresspeople still get paid ?
 Correct me if I am wrong, our senators and congresspeople have adequate health insurances and a stable economic future ?

This is not a blame game. Let us face this reality. We can only overcome this political stupidity and confusion, if we the people, stand up and unite, and tell them, shut up and do what you were elected to do, do not shut down our government (the people will pay the price of all this).  
We should be aware of this. We allowed this to happen. How many people in the USA voted in elections ? How many are familiar, how our political system works ? Have you wonder, why some Wall Street people got away with some of their deeds, from inside trading to Ponzi Schemes ? How many are willing to sacrifice, and join protests and demonstrations, to redress grievances. In a democracy, silence is scary. If you are quite, and not participate, your children's democratic future is compromised. Have you wonder why totalitarian leaders thrives ? From complacency to fear, ignorance and confusion, are some of the ingredients that will sustain a thriving totalitarian state or government. Have you noticed, our system appeared to have been based on plutocracy, meaning rule by the "extremely" rich and greedy people.


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