Monday, November 4, 2013

Is slavery alive ? Part 1 of Many parts...(first draft from the heart)

It is a nagging and perplexing question, is poverty of many people the new form of systematic and subtle slavery of people, paying them the minimum wage, which is not even proportionate with the cost of living in the American main stream society today ? Are we creating a new class of slaves compose of all races including the white people who choose decency, caring, and living in harmony with others ? 

Working with the poorest among the poor for more than thirty years in the Philippines and the United States of America, I noticed a pattern of economic exploitation and modern enslavement through the legal system (of labor laws and the minimum wage standard). Why do we need to create a system of organizing ourselves as a union of workers, when we can simply change the laws, to accommodate the needs of people, "to lease" and live a decent economic life ? What about the US Constitution, that is supposed to be for the people ? Is our US Constitution designed not to care for our economic welfare ? Is our welfare system created to "disable" our ability to think independently, without being too dependent on dole outs from the government ? 
Even the people that I worked with, in the disability field wanted to work and not be a burden for others. 
A very simplistic view and narrow analysis. I am not ignorant of the real score and truth about this. The problem is really complex and even daunting because some sector of our society, I meant the riches of all people (networth in multi-billions of dollars, and owns more than 50% of the world.) Does not really care about us. If they did, we will not be talking about this today. Some pretend to care.

Am I making it up ? Nope. I have been watching the erosion of human values because of extreme poverty (at times caused mental illness according to experts), the disappearance of the caring attitude because the survival of their families are at stake. Did you noticed that ? 
How many jobs do you need to have a decent living in the United States of America ? People working as direct staffs for people with disabilities needs at least another job to survive, or seek overtime hours and pay, in order to take home a salary that will enable them to pay their bills.

Have you noticed that many people from Africa or other developing countries are working in direct roles such as direct care staffs or aides for your relatives ? They make a little more than the minimum wage...$10.00 to $12.00 an hour. Can you decently live with $12.00 an hour working 8 hours a day, unless you are related to Michael Dell or Bill Gate or you have a trust fund to depend on ?
 Is this a modern day slavery ? You noticed that people of color outnumbered the white people working in the field of disabilities ?
 I meant the direct care workers (from day program staffs, group home workers, CNA to LPN). 
In the Nursing Homes, who cares for your parents ? In Day Programs and Group Home for people with disabilities, who cares for your brothers or sisters with autism or mental retardation ? Do you know where are they from ?
People from developing countries like Haiti, Kenya, Nigeria, Latin American countries, Asia ie. Philippines and many other developing nations, and they are making between $10.00 to $11.00 an hour, while their CEO's makes between $100,000.00 to $900,000.00 annually + perks. What is wrong with this picture ? A classic socio-economic disparity. A modern day slavery of many people from developing nations.
By the way it is legal to pay people $11.00 or $12.00 (My lawyer friend said it.) 
Ethics and Logic dictates, it is inhuman, and  a violation of our human rights to live in a decent, and humane way. How do we change this modern day exploitation and slavery ? Follow my blog.   

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