Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Why LIKE is not Love...

We are captured by the word "like" in today's social media universe. 
Like becomes our alter-ego or surrogate ?
Like becomes our salvation from shame and our insecurities. 
Like becomes our fairy-tale and magic word.
Like becomes our false world of assurance, when like disappear or dissipates, we are left with uncertain, unsettled emotion...they do not like me anymore.

 Suicide and homicide becomes a common reality among our young people. We heard too many killings perpetrated by a 10 years old or a 14 years old. We heard suicide among the 13 years old, and even younger. The younger years of our lives is critical and significant in our adult lives. Like is the least of our focus. Building confidence based on trust not like.
Relationship based  on mutual caring not like.
To love instead of to like.
Like cannot substitute love.
Our God taught us Love, not like.

Generation like is a threat to the future.
From values to order. We cannot choose to like chaos for it is convenient. We cannot like acceptance based on like. We cannot allow like to dominate our lives. We like is weaker without love. Love is a design to strengthen us, like is weak. Like is superficial. Our survival as human race cannot be based in like, but LOVE.

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