Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The Children from God, and the Son of God

Many still doubt if the Son of God is indeed coming back. Disciple Thomas doubted the resurrection of Jesus for the first time. Do you still doubt like Thomas ?

The New Testament (Holy Bible) reinforced believers, their faith in Jesus and His promises. But, for non-believers, the bible is one of the greatest misinformation or lies of all time.
It is not too late for the non-believers to search the Truth, the Way, and the Life.

In the United States of America majority of the people are Christians. And in the world, Christianity is the fastest growing Faith in China and other non-Christians nations.
Their are Christians who practiced what they preached, their are who lived the God-Centered lives, and their are believers like the Disciple Thomas who doubted if Jesus the Son of God is, indeed, coming back. 

After all, we are all children from God, and the Son of God promised that, "For those who believed and yet did not see, are indeed Blessed."


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