Sunday, August 3, 2014

As long as we are flesh, and living we will see, and experience tribulations. Life indeed, is chasing after the wind. A season under the sun.
Through your struggles, you find freedom, through your pain, you find endurance, through your sufferings,you find peace, through your hard work, you find rewards, through your persistence, you find accomplishments, through your tears, you find happiness, after all life is a constant challenge, where you find yourself, not only standing tall, not only counted among the stars, but happy and contented, for you found your way. 

The truth is, God is never been an organized religion, where people are exploited, the revelation of such experiences, showed us the weakness of anything made by ordinary mortals.
Do they have to be like the Greek gods and goddesses ? Anything made under the sun will melt, and fades. Anything made by mortals are bound to end. No gods  and goddesses, whether Romans or Greeks, Gentiles  or not can create the universe, and the splendor of life, except by someone more powerful than mortals; Mortals are weak, and frail. Who is that creator more powerful than us ? Nobody knows, unless you found it, and answered all your confusions, and fears. Yes, there is God, but you have to discover it, yourself. You are the only one, that can see, you are the only one that can feel, you are the only one, for you were alone when you came in to the material world.

Yes, in pain you find comfort and strength, in sufferings and tribulations, you find your courage, 
In loneliness, you find happiness,
In your fears, you find your limits,
In your confusions, you find clarity,
In doubts, you find your answers,
In your journey, you find yourself.

The journey is never painless, and joy...
In your travels, you will find good and bad...
In the road less travel leads you to no where...
You have to find the directions, the guide and the compass, to serve as your beacon...
For the days can be cloudy, and some nights can be without stars,
Do not find your way if you know where you are bound to... 


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