Friday, August 1, 2014

One of my favorite Proverbs, is the prayer of the righteous...
"Lord do not give me too much, or I will forget you...
Do not deny me with what I need or else I will steal." Many of us who served the many poor, are familiar with this Proverbs.
God never denied anyone with their basic needs such as food, shelter, health care, and others, necessary not only for our survival, but also in order to live with DIGNITY.
If you remember the story of the sisters who poured the perfume on Jesus during a wedding feast, wherein Judas Iscariot rebuked them, and said, " The poor can benefit from such perfume wasted on Jesus." It was a profound event, wherein Jesus answered, " The poor you will always have..." Of course Jesus was making a reference to his death and burial preparations. But, in a human perspective, (even the Divine ?) the sufferings  of so many poor people today, is not comparable to the sufferings of the people during the time of Jesus. In many of the stories  told in the Holy Bible (New Testament), there was  exhortations and commands for the believers to feed the hungry, to visit those in jail,  visit the sick, cloth the naked...
We missed the relevance of our faith and religion, if we do not cater and assists to the needs of the many poor. Not only that the basic needs of the many poor people are denied, but their basic human rights are trampled upon, and often denied. 
The 21st century United States of America, is a better nation despite of our economic challenges. We have emerged from many tribulations, the depression, wars, and even the tragic event of September 11, 2001. Many of us lost someone in that building.
But, hatred will not heal the wound, to the perpetrator of the cruelty, to the many innocent and hardworking people in the NYC Twin Tower. Numerous Pilipinos (mostly ordinary workers, waiters, and restaurant helpers died on the upper floor of the tower restaurant/cafe. Poor people making ends meet, with a simple desire to make their economic lots better. 

Many people born in the United States of America never seen the poverty of Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe and a few other obscure islands in the Pacific, and the Caribbean.
Do you know why wars were fought ? One of the few reason(s) is, economic survival, power and political- economic ambitions, meaning "materialism and dominance".

Of course, World War II was a war of freedom for many oppressed and suppressed people, by the Nazi's and the member of the Axis power (Japan and Italy) The Japanese Imperial Army destroyed the Philippine capital (Manila), and killed hundreds of thousands of Pilipinos (women, children, men) mostly civilians. Same with Nazi Germany, millions of people perished in Europe.. (The Japanese Imperial Army committed atrocities in China during World War II.)

What is the significance of this ? To poverty ? Ironically, despite of their defeat in World War II, Japan and Germany are the most stable economy today, and they have less poverty. You wonder why ?  Not a simple answer. I want you to focus and study history and current events. 

Hate will not change anything. The late Nelson Mandela said, "Education is the greatest weapon that can change the world."
Educate yourselves by reading history books, read current events, listen to lectures in schools and places like libraries. Ask questions, and assert your rights as Americans. 

Always remember God is not a religion. I am a Christian but I will never force you to believe what I believe. I will defend your dignity and rights to be human first, then maybe religious later ?
How can we teach others the goodness of God, when many are starving ? How can we teach our God is a God of peace, if we wage wars ? How can you convince a young person to do the right things while we have an amoral and immoral existence ?
How can I convince you to love God, if I hate you ? I did not see God, and it would be hypocrisy to say, I believe in God, and I hate you ? Our God is a God of LOVE. He will LOVE you whoever you are. Jew or Gentiles, Muslim or not, Hindu or Buddhist, poor or rich, schooled or UN-schooled, articulate or stuttering. Whoever you are white, black, yellow, brown, red skins...God LOVES YOU as YOU ARE. 



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