Thursday, August 15, 2013

Against All Odds...First Draft.

I knew of some, if not many that overcame odds and challenges (deemed insurmountable by others). Each one shared their inspiring stories:

1. Thomas Edison said, 99% perspiration 1% inspiration. Revealing his determination through biographies written by others - Thomas Edison was refused financing by big Wall Street capitalist, but Thomas Edison never gave up. Close friends and relatives gave the needed support to Thomas Edison. 
History gave justice to Thomas Edison's achievement against all odds. Read more about Edison's friends who helped him. Some are also familiar and became a success story because of their brilliance and refusal to give up against all odds.

Modern day stories of struggles and overcoming all odds are still happening and will happen over and over again, if we will not give up.

Another story (most recently), is the story of an NFL Football star jailed for five years and later exonerated. He was found not guilty by DNA technology. Brian Banks, a black person was convicted of a crime he did not commit.
Banks is currently playing with one of the NFL's team.

Project Innocent have helped inmates awaiting execution in our prison death chambers. Barry Scheck, Peter Neufeld, Jim Dwyer shared their stories in a book "Actual Innocence". The trio are modern day crusaders pursuing justice when justice goes wrong and they made it right. (paraphrased from their NY Best Seller Book, Actual Innocence).

The different shades of struggles and overcoming all odds happened to all people of color. White or not, the 21st century issue of racism is complex because some perpetrators of racism are non-white people. Furthermore, the socio-economic crisis have revealed that plutocracy (rule by the wealthy) is playing a role in racism. Partisan politics is another.
Some religions proliferated racism through their hierarchy.For centuries this particular religion have exploited people through their religious bigotry. Hypocrisy is the norm. They shout stop racism, but all their leaders were white people, despite of the fact that they have hundreds of million members and leaders who are not white. The wolves that wear that sheep's clothing.Beware.

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