Thursday, August 8, 2013

Simple Reminder

Have you wondered why challenging things happened to you when you least expected it ?

Be reminded: Ultimately you will face the reality...
Do not worry...simple and yet you still worry.
Control is relative. You can minimize the impact...but cannot control it.
Do not surrender...people proposes, God disposes.
Pain is temporary; Look it is sunny and another cool summer...Spring was here and foliage is coming, a season for everything !
Health is wealth indeed. While young do not work 16 hours, smell the coffee.
Laughter is medicine indeed; A sincere smile will do the tricks.
Positive and negative. Polarity. Light, camera...remember you are being watched.
Brave new world. Before the camera and surveillance were concieved, God had already installed a micro chip called conscience in you.
Listen. Can you hear it.
Be reminded, God is with us.

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