Sunday, August 11, 2013

Godless or Fearless ?

I knew one country whose population is approximately .0311% of the whole planet earth.
They professed to be Godloving nation but destroyed numerous government who refused to submit to their will. 

The nation of less than .03 of the globe literally controls 60% to 80% of the world's wealth, they have more enemies than friends not because they have wealth and prosperity...but because they are good for nothing. You are their ally and friend, if you are useful to them. Many of their leaders are extremely wealthy and arrogant.
Many of their citizens were conditioned to prosperity and mendicancy. I and me is the mantra of their society. 

They professed to believe in the goodness of God but they support capital punishment or they execute their prisoners. They have judges either elected or appointed. Many of them are blinded by the truth. Many of them does not possess the wisdom that God gave King Solomon. They label you terrorist if you fight them. You are a subversive if you question them.
Their judges are not fair to the minorities. Most of their prisoners are either black or hispanic.
Is this the truth ? You research or find out the truth by reading the facts. Do not believe what you read but look around and visit their jails, you will see the truth.

Will God tolerate this ? All empire like this failed. Obviously they are doomed. God will give them opportunity to repent. They think they are smarter than God. Wickedness that is.
Godless or fearless ? You will answer to One God. You are a mortal and limited. Repent.
Do the right thing. Turn away from evil. Overcome evil by doing good. 
You will be fearless because God will sustain you !   

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