Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Becoming proactive to help, instead of blaming...

Blaming others is really convenient, and an easy way out. We are all part of planet earth, and many of us are responsible with what is going on with our planet, not only in the Philippines but the world in general. According to scientist, blaming is actually projecting our own insecurities, shortcomings, and negative experiences in life. Our pessimism has basis. But, there is hope.

The extreme weather changes can be a cycle if not our abuse of mother earth (pollution, waste mismanagement, greed ? etc.) According to some environmental pundits we have time to change if not save our environment. It means today not tomorrow.

Environmental activists are "blaming" the excesses of some people and business. Extreme weather changes due to many factors, factors that are highly debated and contested in Courts.

Each one of us has a responsibility. As temporary residents of planet earth, we are mandated to take good care of our temporary home (earth) for the next generation to live and enjoy. Do not forget many of us have grand children - they will benefit from our responsible behaviors. 

Suggestions how to minimize if not remove "blaming others" behavior from our lexicons and lives.

Forgive others, and ourselves too. We have no control of certain things in our lives. Be proactive. If you are passionate about the environment, be an activist for our environment. If you are passionate about people's rights, become a human rights activist.

Disclaimer: This article is not a professional counsel or advise. My experiences and thoughts dictated this to me. Sharing and becoming proactive in making our small world a better place to live today and tomorrow. 

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