Tuesday, November 26, 2013

LOVING not Only the POOR...

Love is the key to the door of confusion, and ignorance. Love is the key to effectively help the spiritually and materially poor. Love overcomes fear, hate, anger, uncertainty, exhaustion,confusion,all negative forces that destroy our relationships with each other.

In all the parables shared by Jesus, the many hidden messages of... love God above all things, and love your neighbors as you love yourself, is ever present.

Loving God means, loving even those who persecutes and even kill your physical body.
It is difficult to love people that you hate...
It is easy to hate because our physical nature is stronger than our spiritual lives. Everyday when you wake up, you crave for the coffee, the tea and other supplements, mostly physical in nature.
We often forget to say thank you, to God, 
for the love and allowing me to have another day.
We often forget that everything is borrowed on earth, literally and metaphorically. 
Have you realized that everything has an end ? - except Love. 
Love endures forever. For in, love we will find the true meaning of life.

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