Thursday, January 2, 2014

The Wisdom of Ages...

The life we live leaves an imprint. Whether good or bad, we affect others. We influence their thoughts and actions. 

The decision you make impacts not only yourself, but others too. Whether beneficial or not, you decide not only your fate, but others likewise.

You are part of the bigger scheme of things, the hierarchical set-up of your world is not a coincidence. It is important to make wise decisions, and positive influence on others. It will make or disrupts the flow. Does it mean you are traveling with the flow ? If the flow benefits most people, you have no choice but to go with that flow, or you drown. What about negativity and sufferings ? You have to make a stand, change it, the circumstances can change, the person you can influence, you cannot change the person but influence. To make it happen,do not lose the gentleness, and handle with care. Some circumstances can be daunting, the person can be fragile and weak, and always remember you and others, are part and parcel of our world.   

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