Thursday, January 30, 2014


During my recent travels in the USA, I met two wonderful people, instantly we "clicked" like a snap shot from a kodak camera...both were accomplished writers, the first one was an economist and former politician, and another a columnist for NY Times, PBS and a graduate of Oxford University. I asked both what is the secret of their feat and accomplishments in writing. Both answered practice, practice, practice...and your heart put into your writings.

I am not like them...I am not an accomplished writer. I am writing things based on my experiences in my chosen profession and field, dealing with the stark realities of life on planet earth (having traveled in many parts of the world). I write from my heart. No rhetorics, no semantics, just plain and simple words (learned from a mentor in Asia) "simplicity is the key), he reminded me before we parted ways, and quote.


From my SIMPLICITY, I am able to PRACTICE what I preached. From my HEART I write, and touched the multitudes of deprived soul, because others did not practiced SIMPLICITY.
I write to touch your heart not your brilliant minds, but the simplicity of your heart.
If we practice together, the simplicity from our hearts, many will simply live.


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