Sunday, December 8, 2013

Lessons from life as it should be...

Reminiscing my time back in the Philippines, where, I was privileged to benefit from the toil, and labor of my father. My father earned his success to his efforts and sacrifices to complete his college education despite he was poor. My father completed his bachelor's degree in finance and accounting with "A's", while tending to his small store in a public market. 
After graduating from college, my father received good job offers because of his academic achievements. He turned down every single one of them. My father learned from his experiences, that the only way to become materially prosperous is, to own and manage your own business. In less than 10 years my father made it. From rugs to riches stories.

I learned from my father's example, except I embarked in the social justice work (1982). Working with many poor Pilipinos in the Philippines, have taught me the many lessons about poverty and sufferings. My father respected my decision(s), and even provided financial support to my calling of service to the poor people. He became by number one supporter and friend. 
We lived in different times and challenges, we made choices, to live life as it is or live life as it should be.  

I developed a blog in honor of my father academic achievements...his way of changing things.

Dedicated my father who gave everything to give us a better life. 

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