Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Like a little child...

Innocence is bliss. Forever children in their hearts. Some people have that child's innocence.
Jesus in one of his sermons said, "You will never enter the kingdom of heaven, unless you have the innocence of a child, and you surpass the righteousness of the pharisees." It seems hard to follow ? But, if you note the precedence of righteousness, is innocence. How can we miss that ? Once you have the innocence of a little child, it is easy to follow the commandments of God, and the rules of human society. If we have the innocence, it is easy to achieve peace. With innocence comes the purity of hearts and intentions. It is an existence of bliss through innocence that results to purity of hearts. It seems easy, if you have to focus on the innocence of a little child. A little child will wish no harm to others, a little child has the unconditional love adults missed out often. A little child's innocence has no limits and has no boundaries. A little child's innocence long for peace and love.  A little child's innocence what we need to achieve the righteousness of God, and that innocence will enable us everlasting peace and love.

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