Thursday, December 19, 2013

Wisdom, age and sage...Was. Poem ? Words.

Words of wisdom...

  In the world of service to others, you can count the stars, the saints and joy riders. - RP

  Trust is a foundation. Distrust is toxic. - RP

  Strength of character is rare,  show me one.
  Honest money is hardwork, and hard to lose,
  Ill-gotten money recklessly spent, easily lose.     
  Great men and women have one thing in common, greatness. 

You do not buy greatness, you earn it.

Show me a hero, I will show you a dead one.

Every beginning has an end, why are we chasing material fortune, instead of seeking the true wealth, and truth ? 

Nobody is original in thoughts, I just copied yours.

We are seeking acknowledgement, because it is scary to be alone.

Why are we wooing destruction instead of building ?

Courage is not the first kill, but first that sustains.

Justice without peace is oppression,
Peace without justice is suppression,

Many were not recognized for their heroism,
They choose not to because they know they will be immortalized in the heart of people they touched and served.

The greatest recognition dwells in the heart. 

In Love, we learn to forgive. In Love, we fulfill.
In Love, we influence. In Love, we achieve.
In Love, we give. In Love, we sustain.
In Love, we achieve. In Love, we rest. In Love, we have Peace. In Love, we find. 
In Love, we find Love. 

            Why You and I
The I and me, is weak. You and I, is strength.
The I and me, is temporal. You and I, is eternity.
The I and me, is reaction. You and I is action.
You and I, the true secret of success. :)

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