Friday, March 28, 2014

We, the PEOPLE not I or ME, the people

We are in deeper trouble than you think, if you allow the "I" and "ME" to control the "We". Not just the ego "I" is the fountainhead of success, but the "WE"go, is the ultimate source of stability in any success. (Truth and Justice are foundations for permanence in achievements.)
A secured position in life, when the "WE"go is the foundation, besides truth and justice. Our world today is more complex and difficult because we allow the "I" and "ME" to take over, often "WE" take the less of all roles, doing nothing. 

We cannot succeed if the "I" and "Me" takes over. The creator and supreme architect of our universe designed the "WE" not the "I" to benefit from creations and nature. We cannot just sit and do nothing. We need to make that move today towards changing. Not the "I" and "ME" in us, but the "WE" should be the end.

Peace. Shalom. Assalamo Alaykum

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