Friday, March 21, 2014

WORRYING, being physical...

We worry. Why ? Because we still eat, sleep, and other basic needs for our physical manifestations and sustenance, ie. our material being. Many of us, if not all lived through our lives worrying.

Experts and gurus of the human mind proposed and postulated techniques to control if not overcome worrying. Pharmaceutical companies invented medications/antidote for people who worry too much. They made a lot of money for anti-stress medications and other drugs to control our "fears". Is there really a secret to stop if not minimize worrying ? Your idea is good as mine.

I proposed based on my worrying experiences the following techniques:

1. Stop, and breath. Think about God and God's people. 
2. Check statistics. How many people have the same predicaments, like yours ?
3. Insufficient data ? Check with friends, real and honest friends. Friends that will tell you the speck from their eyes and faces, just like they will tell you, your own dirt in front of your door steps.
4. God never planned anyone to suffer or to worry. God never planned your problems. Maybe it is you or others, that caused the problem.
5. Do not give up. You only fail when you give up.
6. Do not believe in everything you hear or read.
Check and verify. Playing safe ? Wait. Be patient, in God's timing, you will get the solution to your problems.

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