Thursday, May 1, 2014

Challenges, Setbacks, Failures, Defeat, and other negativities...

A popular adage that reminds us, "It is the journey that matters"...
All of us have experienced all sorts of negative experiences in life, from getting yelled at, scolded, even spanked with a belt or ruler. Some overcame such negatives, some carried it with them as a mental baggage, transferred, and conveyed it expressly to their children .

The negatives does not end in our lifetime. Everyday at work, or even at social gatherings, negatives exist, side by side with the positive things we do. From our harsh critics to some who are just cynical about life; And its negatives, they all create that negative experience in us.

How do we overcome the negatives of life ? 
It is reality. Some said, "Focus on the positive", by ignoring the negatives, another wise adage: "Seeing the glass half-full".

How do we overcome negatives ? As highly recommended, by "experienced optimists" -
Surround yourself with positive people. How do we do that ? How do we know positive people are really positive ? Isn't it negative is needed to spark the "positive-light" ? Thomas Edison became famous not only because he invented "convenience" and a"phenomenal industry"...Mr. Thomas Edison remained positive, after his many "failures",  denied funding for his invention, and abandoned by some of his friends. Remember Thomas Edison famous saying, " "99%" perspiration, and "1%" inspiration" ?
Many understood the adage as "hard work", and others interpreted it as "never give up".  The late inventor of the "MAC" computer system is another example. He never gave up until his last day on earth. 

Each one of us has a unique experience about the negatives of life. We can face that negative, and create a positive result, if not a positive learning experience. No one can really put you down with negatives, unless you succumb to "self-pity" and allowed yourself, to be swallowed by the world. From Jonah running away from his calling, and to you my loyal readers, reading my blogs, not giving up on my "mediocrity", "naivety", and my simple outlook of life. I found my calling...
If I can turn my negative experiences in life to a positive experience, you can too. 

Indeed, the journey matters, the end is a bonus.

Thank You for not giving up.


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