Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Why poverty exist in highy developed nations like USA ?

I studied poverty in the USA for more than 20 years -
This is a hypothetical example of a family of 6 (both parents + 4 children) living in a USA State/City like Boston, and New York City - the father works as direct staff for a special needs group home, and works in a parking company during the weekend. (the mother stays at home because they have a six months old baby, and a 5 year old child, the two other children attends elementary public school.
He makes $11.00/hour as a direct staff (40 hours)
He makes $11.00/hour as parking attendant/booth for a parking lot company (16 hours per week)
Income for the month before taxes and other deductions = $ 616/week x 4 = $2,464.00 (gross/month before deductions)

Essential Expenses per month:
Apartment rental - $1,500.00
Food and other household expenses (including milk for the baby) - $400-500./month
Gas/transport cost - 100/month
Health insurance co-pay with employer/month = $400.+ -
Sub-total = $2,500.00
Other expenses ? _____________
Do you see the logic and the economic cause of poverty in the USA ?

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