Friday, May 9, 2014


This picture was taken by someone from the Philippines. Thank You for this picture.

I spent almost 17 years of my professional life and commitment, working with and for people with physical and mental disabilities.  All those years I noted and observed that many of those mothers were always there for their children with disabilities.  I met not so many fathers (of course many fathers are working during those encounters). In many meetings, like the annual planning for their children's goals and program activities, the mothers were actively involved. 
Mothers were there to advocate for their children.  Remember when Jesus was crucified, Mary his earthly mother was there. When Jesus was abandoned by many of his followers, Mary stood by her Son, Jesus. Mary's courage and sacrifices were worth emulating. Mary and many other mothers symbolized sacrifice, patients, dedication, faithfulness, courage, wisdom, and many others virtues.

Thank You for all the mothers, and Father's too.

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