Sunday, May 4, 2014

Debut with 1332 views, Thank you in several languages...

Thank You. Danke. o'n ban, cnacn6i,salamat,'istuli','nadri'Terima kasih',mutu merseh... It is a great privileged to know people viewing and reading my blogs.  I wanted to write to convey my thoughts, and ideas to make this world  a  better  place to breathe and live. 

I cannot say thank you enough - to YOU, except I will do my best to share with YOU matters that really counts, thoughts that really matters, and ideas that will influence others to make peace, not only with others but with themselves. I cannot change how you think, and cannot change the "design" of our universe, I can only share, if not influence others to do the right things.
My life experiences and interactions with so many people typical or not, had greatly influenced my decision to write, and convey the message of hope, and aspirations, "untainted" by political ideologies or religious  persuasions. Can I really do that ? Without being influenced by the things I see, hear and read ? 
How will my religious and political past influenced my writings ?  

To my German, Serbian, Chinese, Sri-Lanka, Russian, UK, Vietnam, Philippines, Ukraine, and United States readers, and viewers...THANK YOU.  

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