Thursday, April 24, 2014

Bold claim, no just the reality of TRUTH.

The "I and Me" part of the problem and solution.
Our vanities and bitterness are hidden in the inner recesses of our "I and Me". Not even our overt action of helping others in need, will validate the truth that we are indeed sincere, and truthful about our actions. God sees your heart, not your actions alone.
The measures of our vanities and bitterness can interface and interact with our success...doing reality check and self-examination will help.
For example, the poverty of the many people in the world, is the result of, the "I and Me" before "THEM". A myth that the poor people are lazy and dull, is far from the truth. Many poor people have no opportunities, and many are malnourished, lacking health care, clean water, shelter, education, and many succumbed to the life of neglect and crimes. The poor are not the perfect example of virtues, they are just like you and me, they have the "I and Me" in them. A concrete example are the "new rich" (rugs to riches), that behaves like their former oppressors or masters, vain and bitter. Some poor also turn into oppressors themselves.
(The oppressed turn oppressor - Saul Alinsky)
Unless, we suppress the "I and Me" in us, and work together as "WE", we can overcome our problems and the poverty of the majority of our people. What are the basal elements ?
1. Criticism and Self-Criticism
2. Raising our awareness, asking why and how ?
3. Action planning that includes organizing our efforts into one and focusing towards the problem
4. Collective efforts, collaboration and unified leadership
This is part of what we do in our pro-bono work with the grassroots leaders and organizations. The many hundreds of organizations and leaders we have trained, a few really became successful because we failed in removing the "I and Me" in many of them.
Through our failure to remove the "I and Me" in our process, we learned a novel strategy and techniques, of course it is our trade secret.
Our predictions are: The many nonprofit organization that "works" to eradicate poverty will fail. Some already failed. Some have been around for more than fifty years, and yet they never made a dent against poverty. They are still going in circles. We know their problems. Some will deny they have a problem, and will brag about their academic laurels from Ivy League schools, their semantics and rhetorics, empty and vain.
There is the truth about the anti-theses that "the interest of the poor will never be reconciled with the rich."
The "I and Me" is obvious among the many rich people. Some have awaken from their deep sleep.
Another Myth: Marxist thoughts. We do not need to embrace Karl Marx theory, after all they are theories. State Socialism have already failed not once but many times, except perhaps Cuba ?
China's State Socialism will fail. They have already open themselves overtly, to capitalism. Russia will revert back to "State Socialism" but will fail for the second time. The Russian Oligarchs will control. There will be large and medium scales civil wars, obviously, it is happening in Syria, and other countries. Wars will always be a "bloody catalyst".
Do we have the moral convictions to embrace a lasting and peaceful change ?
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