Thursday, April 10, 2014

USA Population prediction by 2030:
2 Whites - 2 non-Whites (minorities, Hispanics, African-Americans, Asians, and others) closer white to non-white

US Population approximately 312+ million people in the UNITED STATES today.

Growing socio-economic disparities , and other inequalities in the land of freedom and abundance.
Though the white people are the poorest (biggest population in the US), the minority groups - African-American, Hispanics, Asians are the most impacted by poverty. The health disparity, the criminal justice system, the education disparity, the employment disparity, political arrangements, residential segregation and a few others. 

  1. USA was founded on Christian-Judeo traditions, as many of you knows.
    I have a strong respect for most of the founders of our democratic nation specially George Washington, Benjamin Franklin and a few others.
    Their patriotism is admirable and worthy of emulations. I read most of their stories and two of the most remarkable, was the story of George Washington and Benjamin Franklin.
    To balance my learnings and judgment on historical items and "facts", I read and studied the lives of other leaders and founders from other free nations from Western to Eastern Europe, Latin American nations, and democratic Asian nations. (including historical time lines of each leader and era)
    In my theoretical research it was helpful, and my practical research started in the 80's was greatly supplemented if not supplanted.
    Studying the history of the Philippines at the earliest time of my learning experiences (grade school) made it possible to explain a literary question in my second year high school (My literature teacher made me her student assistant. Checking tests, and I was exempted from the final exam. We have a falling out at the end, long story)
    The literary question and corresponding essay was the question:
    Where are you going ? What is the meaning and purpose of your life ?
    ** The above questions was really practical, specially with my brief stint in the administration of Cory Aquino, and my opportunity to observe the 1986 MNLF and Government Peace Talks in MIndanao. During the Peace negotiation, we were able to visit the birth place of Chairman Nur Misuari in Jolo, Sulu. In Cotabato, I met the daughter of Ms. Pedrosa, Veronica. The rest of my MIndanao experiences are history.

    In comparison to my current challenges in North America, the literary questions, " Where are you going ? , and what is the meaning and purpose of your life ? " came extremely handy.
    I understood deeply, the meaning "swallowed by the big fish" and the amazing realization of Jonah's calling and purpose in life.
    I am currently studying the Judeo and Islam historical perspectives. It will take a awhile before I will understand the "deeper idelogical" explanation of the conflict between the Jews and Muslims, and others.
    Only an ignorant bigot and moron will assume to know the origin of the conflicts and wars between brothers (Jews and Muslims, Isaac and Ishmael, and many others) Socrates admonitions still echoes in my head,
    "We only know what we know." and quote.

    Good morning North America, Good evening Philippines. Peace.
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  2. God. People.
    Challenges and opportunity.
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  3. Promethean type of a person. We have seen in our time dreamers and many did accomplished their dreams. "Promethian's and polymath's" combined, we can embark in that journey, to make this world a better place to live. I focused my sights with the Philippines from grade school till my professional life, then moved on to the world. Learning our world history (macro level) and deepening our insights and dreams for our motherland. Do you have that dream ?
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  1. Rodolfo, where did you go to high school?
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