Monday, April 7, 2014

Chess and Games of the General
I was teaching first year college economics in 1983 at one Philippine College - And I blurted to my students, Europe will unify. I am not claiming that I am good with geopolitics, but I am "extremely curious" with world power, empires,dynasty, monarchy, and revolutions of planet earth. My daughter gave me a nice complement recently, and she asked me, why I didn't pursue strategic planning work ? I did, I planned my marriage to my soul-mate, I gave priority to my family instead of my "worldliness", and "sharp" geo-political wits, and I "co-produced" a human being, in her crowning achievement.
She is about to complete her Masters degree in Public International Affairs from the SIPA Program of Columbia University. She is a wonderful human being, tough but caring. I am applying to work as her driver someday, and I told her, I can also be your personal bodyguard. I can shoot straight, and know several martial art techniques and styles, just kidding.

With all seriousness, I like global affairs, and international events - what happens inside a classroom in Cambridge, Massachusetts will impact the world, one way or another.
I like this country USA because they invest on individual talents and gifts, specially if you are useful to the Masters of the Universe, who invented the Games of the Generals, and encourage CHESS Masters near Harvard Square

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