Wednesday, April 2, 2014

What the future holds...

Today and Tomorrow.

No one can predict 100% what the future holds, and what is install for us. We can make the present, which means our gifts today, to prepare for the mistakes and blunders, we continue to bring, if not encourage, like the abuse we have done to our environment, and the people of our planet.

The 7 billion+ people in 2011.

No one can really prepare you and I, with what will come about, with the population growth, and its impact to our world. Many of the poorest are situated in developing countries, which has the biggest number of people, living in our world today. 

Developed and Developing Nations.

Many developing countries consumes more energy and resources compared to developing nations, meaning the rich consumes more, compared to the poor. 

The Present and its Predicaments.

What can we do to avert disaster through the excesses of our generation ? What can I do ? What would be my greatest contribution for the next generation ?
The answers will vary, according to your means, capacity and your socio-economic standing in our society today.

 The Education. Our Children. Us.

Many of us are sending our children to gain knowledge and skills from colleges and universities. What we can do today, could have started when our children were small. Ideally, according to research and studies, 0 to 8 years of a child's life, are the formative years. Some argues, it starts in the mother's womb. My take on this arguments, it can start anytime. We learn each day, from life's lessons. When it comes to learning and seeking knowledge, from formal education, it does not matter, what age or what condition you are in, and most importantly, each has the means and idea, regardless of our status in life.

The Beginning, to an End.

The  present is a start, a gift we have today. We prepare for any prospects, tomorrow may not even come ?  Too cynical. Tomorrow is an unspent check, a prospect, yet to happen. We can tackle and deal with the problems. We can prepare, and anticipate the worst, by preparing for the best outcome.

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