Friday, April 4, 2014

The roots of my seemingly one track mind and obsessions with social and economic equality for all...

I attended  public school during my elementary years. We have the means to attend any private schools in the city of my birth, but my father insisted we need to understand and see the realities of poverty, to this I owed my father, this priceless privilege and opportunities to learn from many poor classmates and acquaintances in grade school.
I did well in grade school, consistently from grade 1 to grade 6, I was on the top twenty of outstanding students in our class of more than 300+ grade school students; Many of those students, were also materially poor in our city.
I learned a great deal from my interactions with them. I can still remember the names of my three schoolmates, one was killed in grade 4 while scavenging for scrap metals, one was imprisoned for killing another child, and the last one, our valedictorian became an underdog and "underachieving" (societal label for people with less money in the bank, did not earned his PhD or other academic laurels except in grade school, and he is not an elected public official and does not occupy a powerful political position in our nation of 100+ million people.
They are the roots of my one track mind to achieve socio-economic equality among us. 

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