Tuesday, April 15, 2014

"I am who I am"

James Frey's wisdom on writing still resonates. Writing is an art, has no rules, hard work...believe in yourself.
It is reality... some writes for money, some writes because it is their passion, and I write because I want to share "my truth based on praxis", not just the passion or money which is fleeting like glory and fame.
I am not Mark Twain, or any famous novelists or Pulitzer author.
I am Rodolfo, a Pilipino and "witness" to what material poverty did to many people here and abroad. The theme of my "articles" (sounded/written like an "editorial" is about the many poor people) I was there, and after more than thirty years I am writing about it.
I spent almost 17 years working with the poorest among the poor in the United States - people with physical and mental disabilities and their direct workers, who are exploited just like the recipients, became the poster of exploitation and opportunism among the few.
The remainder of my more than 30 years working and studying poverty, were spent outside of the USA.

Hypocrisy is the trademark of the few who exploits. You will see them in the news, and sometimes with their political sponsors, pretending not to enjoy the spotlight, their 15 minute fame...will end soon enough.
It is a great privilege indeed, to write about the "truth".
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