Sunday, April 6, 2014

On gaining inner strength, and the moral compass.
Forgiving our own imperfections and failures, then forgiving others.
We can make this challenging world a better place to live.
Face the truth, and facts. Do not engage in myths, stereotypes, narrow-mindedness, and complacency. Change is an inevitable reality, nothing stays the same, status quo is temporary, counterintuitive at times, deceiving...there is a cornucopia of great things, but you have to work hard and use your wit not just smart.
We can change and overcome our own selfish nature, and focus on the "WE" instead of "Me".
The micro and macro stressors are realities of life, a fact of life.
We cannot just be contented of getting by it. We need to muster the courage to change from within so that we can effect a lasting change, by influencing others to change.

RP April 6, 2014

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