Monday, April 14, 2014

Majority of peace loving people...

Like 911, Pilipinos and other peace loving people are impacted directly or indirectly with the horror and consequences of violence.
Did you knew more than 180 Pilipinos died in the world trade building in New York City, more than any other ethnic groups victimized by the 911 attacks ? Not many knew that. But, opportunism and exploiting the pain of other, seems a familiar tune to us, Pilipinos ?
One of my friends from Iloilo City, an engineer working in New York City - his sister was one of the many Pilipino victims of that fateful day on Sept. 11, 2001. The many hard working Pilipinos at the WTC restaurant on the top floor were the collateral damages of 911.
This April we are remembering the violence that struck fear in the hearts of many Bostonian during the Boston Marathon of April, 2013.
Yesterday, we heard the attack on the Jewish Center in Kansas, perpetrated by an "Aryan White Supremacist" as reported.
It is unfortunate to note, that many White people will be impacted by this, when many others, who are non-white, will rush judgment against the white race in general, as the root cause of violence, and oppression.
Violent tendencies and exploitation has no color or race. Violence as postulated by many as brutish and barbaric, is a common occurrence in our world today. Too familiar to us, the sufferings of many people in Syria, Palestine, Eastern Europe, Asia, and other parts of planet earth.
Exploitation by the few, is an added aggravation to violence today.
Can we stop exploiting others, and give peace a chance ?

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