Tuesday, July 1, 2014

4.5 + billion WHY ? and the POWER of COMPOUNDING.

7 billion+ people. 7 billion+ reasons + 7 billion personalities and One God ????
Sometimes I wonder, why I do what I do, subtly convincing people, God is real. Embarrassing (as flesh dictated) to insist on something that cannot be seen or concretized except the fact you have that PEACE many people has not achieved despite they have zillions in theirs banks.
When Jonah was running away from his "destiny" (his calling) he stumbled on the biggest quagmire of his life - the world (symbolized by the big fish ?)
Many of us are like Jonah (including me), we tried running away from our pre-ordained destiny (calling). You often wonder why ?
When you have achieved the pinnacle of success, looking down from your ivory tower, you asked this nagging question, now what ?
Do you think the 4.5+ billion poor and hungry asked the same question you and I are asking ?
To them where is food instead of where is the church ? Where is the toilet instead why the world is so small and yet it feels so overwhelmingly huge ? Many of the suffering people often asked, where is God when I needed him or her ?
312 million+ people in the United States, and 312+ reasons and questions , what are you doing today to help the needy, the orphan, the widow and the poorest among the poor children and adults with mental and physical disabilities, many of whom are outside the United States of America.
For almost half of my life I have been asking this question, WHY ?
  • Rodolfo Panizales

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Power of compounding. IF 2 billion people gives HOPE and LOVE to others = 4 billion x 100 Guess how many will touch and change the landscape of sufferings, the drought of human understanding, the blizzards of confusion, and the darkness of hopelessness...

Have a Happy July but remember there are 4.5+ billion people who are poor and hopeless and many are asking WHERE IS God ?
If God knocks at the door of your heart, and when God summons you to do good to others, do not run or hide.
God is a God of all people...regardless they are Jews or Gentiles, Muslims or not, Christians or not.
In the absence of LOVE evil and wickedness will take over.
Not knowing is not an excuse. God gave us 2 ears to listen, 2 eyes to see...

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