Tuesday, July 15, 2014

             Thoughts for July 15, 2014

The peace and justice we have in our world, is all but fleeting. Our peace and justice are mainly based on mutual survival and materialism, not because we really care for others, and God's commandments. We put up preconditions, and demands, at times, unreasonable. Why ?

We make excuses all the time. We cannot do that because my obligations to my family will suffer. We cannot do that because  I will lose my high paying job and career. I will not because I do not have the time. 

My obligations to myself comes first, others reasoned. Yes, we rationalized our own survival first, in order, to help others. As many others argued, "How can you help others if you are dead ?" Yes, it make a lot of sense. But, did you know many dead people taught us valuable lessons that the living cannot ? You noticed, how our conventional society constructed statues of our heroes, and famous people, to honor and commemorate their lives and contributions ? 
Many lessons have been taught to us. From the ancients to the contemporaries. But, are we learning anything from their follies ? Some maybe; Not many, I assumed - My assumptions are based on our present realities. 

Many are suffering from poverty, not because they did not learn from the success of others. Many are suffering and in poverty  because some choose and succumbed to their selfish natures, in the guise of excuses, and rationalization. Why ?

Have you thought about the meaning of your life besides eating and buying material objects ? Have you thought that your excuses are fleeting like your glories on earth ? Where are you going after you turn 100 years old, if you are able to live to your 100th birthday. Now, that you are successful, are you helping because you care ? Or are you helping to appease your guilt, and unconscious desires to be recognized for your feat and fleeting glories, being remembered as someone, who made this earth a better place to live ? Why ?  

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