Sunday, July 13, 2014

               Thoughts for July 11, 2014

I wonder, how some can be that byzantine, with their schemes, to exploit others. 
I am referring to relationship we formed, with the vulnerable people, intertwined with our existence. 
We cajole on others for support, laying out the cachet of lies, elaborate enough to misled, even the most sophisticated among us. The slew of calumny, we inflect on others, who fights back or resist our sinister advances. 
The carte blanche to suppress others, wherein resistance are reduce to carp. Like a catarrh, wherein an elixir is introduced, it is...
 but futile.

The fauna, and the faux, a paradox to reckon. Our farouche attitude will not help, 
will further complicates our quest,
 to find the truth, in all this, again...
quagmires, or just another faustian accord ?
with no one guaranteeing, 
that your soul will ever be redeemed. 
What now ? You lost not only your soul, but your truth and happiness ? 

I can be pertinacious with my ideals - 
life as it should be, not as it is. But, perusing my thoughts, will not only clear your confusion, but my thoughts will permeate the inner recesses of your soul, somnolent in finding the truth, if not the panacea. It is not only our sophistry, that further divide us, but our selfishness and desires, all an illusion. 
Life indeed, chasing after the wind, except to love others, because the supreme citadel of the  universe and God, whatever and whoever you conceived HIM or HER, to be...

Who made the stars ? Who made the sun ? You have to believe in order to understand, and discover the truth of your very existence. Your  life has meanings, and your existence has a purpose...But, why ? 
We keep going in circles, insensate on and to the plight of many others, who are poor and sufferings. Have you found your idyllic vision ? Like an ideogram, you need to speak your truth for the sake of the truth, not because you are coerced, or suffocated by the conventions of the selfish, and delusional. You can be labeled an iconoclast, or even a demagogue, but steadfastly hold on, the truth will give you the strength and courage. 
How do you know the truth ? It is true and just, when your heart is not condemning, or grappling with the temptations of your flesh...hold on and resist that destructive inclinations, to think for us only, remember this beautiful world was meant for everyone. 

Do not overthink this, for truth has simply whispered in your heart. Reach out, do not be afraid, of what people might say, people who are mortals like you and I, here today, and gone tomorrow. Forever casts away, but remember, your monument will be built in the hearts of people you touched, and your shrine will be your truth, and your refuge and sanctuary, is love. A love that is patient, not selfish and forgiving. A love that is not wordly, idealist but persistently humane and caring. A love that endured the harsh and stark realities of your very existence.
Remember the everlasting truth - what is hope with out love, what is charity with out love, what is morality with out love, what are achievements and accomplishments with out caring and loving for others ? What is an ideal without understanding ? What is praxis without love ? Did you know love is the panacea ? What is justice without love ? 
What is peace without love ? How can you be without love ? Do you know that kind of love ?
A love that is pure and not wordly. A love that is not pompous and bragging. In your troubles, that love, remains your faithful companion, loyal and steadfast. Faithful and enduring...      

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