Thursday, July 31, 2014

I do not know you, but I know myself, extremely well. I studied my own behavior, since I was a child, I would do reflection each day on my actions, and other behaviors. Thanks to my late father and his disciplines. I know have my selfish tendencies. At eight years old, I started controlling my selfish tendencies. It was difficult. It took me until my late 30's, to master my selfishness. For almost 21 years, I struggled with my selfish tendencies. I tried almost all, except TRUSTING GOD 100%. 

Believing in God was the solution. I realized I cannot change your selfish tendencies, only God can help you. If you do not believe in God, seek God and HIS TRUTH. 
Many people who did not believe in God, are forever lost. You believe in yourself ? You will fail unless, you are GOD. You believe in your PhD and worldly knowledge, Socrates told you, You only know what you know, unless you are God. You rely on your wealth, power, and money ? You are here today, you will die tomorrow, unless you are God. You can win an argument, make scientific presentations, but can you explain the beauty of the universe and its splendor ? Can you explain life after death ? 
Can you explain the prophets and their Divine WISDOM ? Can you stop wars ? Can you stop poverty ? Can you stop wasting diseases ? Can you stop the diseases of wickedness and sins ?
Can you explain why God is angry at us ? Since, you do not believe in God, who created your parents ? If you do not have parents, who created you ? Why are you so proud ? Did you know you will be humbled ? Do you know you have limited time on earth ? Do you know the day that you will die ? 

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