Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The Lord God through the HOLY SPIRIT, is begging to stop the violence. The senseless killings today. The war between brothers, centuries of fighting, where the innocent and children perished. The few of the Arabs, the few Jews, and the few of the Christians, mostly rich, and has big business benefiting from the conflict. Who sells or supplies the rockets to both sides ? Who sells or supplies the ammunition to both sides ? Why are you killing innocent people ? The God of Abraham is angry.
He will send the fire from heaven that will destroy your wickedness and evil. God will punish you for your sins...those innocent bloods are crying for justice from the God of Abraham.
If you hear the WORD, do  not harden your hearts.

 The wailing and cries of the poor, the innocent and the exploited has been heard. 

Those others, the worst evil you can do, is to do nothing. Stop your complacency. Stop your selfishness, you are no different from the pagans and the wicked...God is waiting for you to stop the violence. Stop exploitation of the poor in the world. In rich Arab nations, where workers, are working like slaves in Ancient Egypt. You know what happened to the Ancient Egyptians and their leaders...they were destroyed. In highly developed economies like the USA, stop exploiting your workers. In poor countries, stop exploiting cheap labor and the poor. The WORD has warned you many times, you will be destroyed by your sins. Repent and you will be forgiven.

I am  just a messenger. If you hear the WORD do not harden your hearts.

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